small balcony

6 Ways to Make Smart Use of a Small Balcony

Very few apartment renters have a balcony, which is one of the most sought-after spaces. This space often goes unused because it isn’t huge enough to fit your preferred furniture.

However, the restricted size shouldn’t deter you from maximizing your small balcony. It might surprise you to learn that you can transform the balcony into an elegant space, which you can use in various ways. Here’s a look at some small balcony ideas.

1. Workspace

You could easily convert a balcony into a sheltered and well-lit workspace. Since you might not have space for a work area, you could simply convert the balcony into one. You might need some shades and blinds to keep the glare out, but you’ll discover it’s worth the effort.

2. Include Plants

Plants don’t just make a balcony look attractive and cozy. You’ll also have some fun in the process of creating a tiny balcony garden. You’ll equally discover that greenery offers countless options.

For instance, you could plant your fruits and vegetables or decorate the space with your preferred plants and flowers. It simply depends on your preferences and style.

3. Add a Sitting Area

There’s nothing as relaxing as unwinding around the balcony, especially on a sunny day. That’s where a sitting area would come in handy. You could simply include a small table and some chairs to produce a cozy area.

The advantage of this idea is that you could design the area to your preferences, leaving room for creativity. If you’re the creative type, you could include a hammock or floor pillows.

Consequently, you’ll have the opportunity to include a bohemian touch if you want. It’s worth noting that this sitting area doesn’t need to consume considerable space, so it’s ideal for a small balcony.

4. Maximize Wall Space

When it comes to restricted spaces, people often forget to use their wall space even outdoors. Consider adding shelves for lights and plants, suspend wall slats for enhanced organization, and fit a floating table that flattens down easily. This will allow you to appreciate the space without exhibiting a claustrophobic feeling.

5. Balcony Lighting

Lighting is an excellent means of adding some color to your balcony. For instance, you could use theme lights to brighten the balcony. If you tend to use the balcony after hours, lighting is necessary. Rather than depend on integrated sconces or harsh overhead light, produce soft-focus lighting using candles and lanterns.

You could even add some fashionable wall lighting. Alternatively, you could add some string lights to the balcony’s railing.

String lights are accessible in various kinds of colors and shapes, so this idea could help personalize your balcony. Regardless of whether you’re the minimalistic type or not, balcony lighting can reveal your style through your decorating techniques.

6. Experiment with Patterns

Patterns can make things feel bigger and more important. If there’s room to include some furniture pieces, consider elevating the remainder of the space with different patterns like striped pillows and floral rugs.

Although it might feel somewhat busy initially, once you determine the appropriate pattern ratio, everything will fit into place.

Final Thoughts

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