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Apartment Kitchen Organizing Tips To Store In Less Space

If it seems like you never have sufficient kitchen storage despite tons of cabinets and drawers, perhaps you need to reconsider kitchen organizing in your apartment.

The kitchen is the center of any home; it’s where you gather with friends and families; where food preparation takes place; where you entertain and work. However, not all kitchen designs consider these functions, resulting in limited space and storage. Regardless of your kitchen’s shape, these tips will help you maximize storage space in your kitchen.

Suspend a Pegboard

You can free up kitchen cabinets for small plates and groceries by hanging up a pegboard for pans and pots. This simply needs a few holes, which you can patch up easily once your lease expires.

You can obtain a pegboard from an improvement store in your preferred size and paint it. To establish the size, determine the kitchenware you’ll suspend and where you’ll position it.


The initial step to having extra kitchen space is to de-clutter and dispose of unnecessary items. It might surprise you to discover the existing space in your kitchen once you eradicate any needless gadgets or appliances.

When contemplating whether to discard or keep your kitchen items, determine the number of times you’ve used it currently. You should also determine whether you have duplicates of a similar item or a similar item you could use instead. Once you’ve de-cluttered, donate usable items to a charity.

Use Magnets

If you’re using cabinet doors for extra storage, you could still organize your spices smartly by using magnets. You could even use a magnet for knife storage so you don’t need to use a knife block. Just ensure the magnet is strong enough.

Free-standing Shelves

Although this isn’t a groundbreaking idea, a free-standing shelf can increase square footage to your tiny kitchen. You’ll find them at different widths and heights from retailers and you can fit them in a space between your stove and fridge or position it by the kitchen entrance. Consider adding serving platters, baskets, appliances, and cooking books you rarely use.

Use Cabinet Doors

The interior of your cabinet doors is full of storage possibilities. Consider installing hooks for the storage of lids, pans, or measuring and serving spoons. You could even include a slim rack to store pot lids or plastic wrap and foil boxes. Although you might need to decrease your cabinets’ contents slightly, you’ll be glad to do so once you open the door and find an organized situation.

Use Vertical Space for Hanging Cooking Utensils

In the case of large walls, remember huge walls can transform your kitchen and some modifications can organize cookware and open up space. Quick enhancements such as magnetic strips that accommodate knives facilitate easy access to baking and cooking necessities.

A perched pot rack over the kitchen island is another creative way of organizing, offering adequate room for hanging lids and pans.

Moveable Storage

When you’re short on kitchen cabinet space, flexible storage is your best chance. For instance, setting your table during mealtime is easy when you store utensils and dishes in cabinets with pullout shelves.


Trends toward affordable living and smaller homes are that kitchen organization is more significant now than before. While it might at times be essential to decrease the dishware you use, various ways of de-cluttering and organizing the space you have exist.

Final Thoughts

Having limited kitchen space doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it fully. You simply need to incorporate these tips to optimize the space.

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