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How You Can Decorate Your Rental Without Breaking The Rules

Decorating a rental comes with its set of challenges because you probably won’t have permission to make drastic alterations such as hacking walls and you might wonder whether it’s worth the effort, time, and money yet the home doesn’t belong to you.

However, you’d rather stay in a comfortable and inviting home since you’ll be there for some time. While it can be tough, it’s possible to make your rental feel like home without breaking the rules. These pocket-friendly tips will help you spruce up your rental.

Include some Green Living

Flowers and plants give an immediate lift to any rental space, so include them in your living room and kitchen. You’ll discover they bring life to your room and clean the air.

Don’t restrict your plants to your living room. You could include them in your bathroom too. Numerous plants such as cacti flourish in bathroom spaces.

Wall Decoration

Vinyl stickers or decals are increasingly popular for wall decorations. You can find them online and in stores. They’re available in various designs, colors, and are comparatively cheap. You can add and remove them easily without damaging the paint beneath. Another strategy involves the use of removable wallpaper to produce a feature wall.

This wallpaper comprises self-adhesive sticker fabric, which feels and looks like conventional wallpaper. However, you can DIY it easily because it doesn’t require water or glue. When the time comes to remove it, it will peel off and you won’t need to worry about leaving any residue or causing surface damage, thereby making it a landlord-friendly option.

Light Fixtures

Most rentals merely offer the necessities in terms of lighting, for instance, fluorescent tubes. Therefore, you’ll need to upgrade if you desire soft illumination. However, it might not be possible to install wall fixtures or ceiling lights. Your next bet is buying lampshades. Go with numerous heights, sizes, and styles, for instance, table lamps. Online sales are an excellent way to shop for fixtures.

You could also scour flea markets and antique stores for chandeliers to repaint and strip. Consider light quality and aesthetics when shopping and don’t forget to incorporate electrician costs to the budget if rewiring is necessary.


The best way of covering any wall marks is with stunning artwork, which mirrors your style. You might be surprised at how much some artwork could make your space feel more homely and inviting. Just make sure you use adhesive hooks, so you don’t leave any holes on the walls.

Bear in mind that bulky items might need two hooks. If it’s not possible to hang things on the wall, a huge mirror will work well when leaned against the wall.


Numerous rentals don’t have storage space, which could make your space feel messy and cluttered. You should add accessories or furniture that could help with storage and make a statement. For instance, you could buy a TV cabinet that has storage to create order in your place. You could even use a coffee table with storage and a lid to put items you rarely use.

While a rental poses challenges when it comes to decorating, it’s not impossible to spruce up your space. Moreover, you don’t have to live in a boring space simply because it’s a rental. Fortunately, these tips help you create an inviting atmosphere without violating the rules.

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