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Unique Ideas For Creating Separate Spaces In Studio Apartments

Studio apartments afford few methods of configuring space, and it’s your responsibility to establish designated areas that have different functions depending on your needs. The aim is finding flexible solutions that don’t take up excess valuable space.

Whether it’s your first apartment or are wondering how to deal with your stuff while residing in a smaller space, studio apartments offer some unique challenges. Nevertheless, these tips will help you create separate spaces.


Curtains offer a creative way of dividing a room without damaging your budget. There are various ways of hanging curtains as room dividers.

However, the key to success regardless of the technique you use lies in the planning. This involves selecting the appropriate curtains for the task and mounting them in a secure manner.

Room dividers have various functions and are ideal for concealing an unfinished or messy area. They can also generate more usable storage space.

At times, the apartment will have more people than space. In this case, curtains offer a simple and affordable means of dividing a room, enabling every occupant to enjoy privacy and space.

A common way to split a room using curtains is hanging them from the ceiling. You can also hang them with cable or high-tension wire and two hooks mounted on the wall.

Establish whether you wish to hang your curtains and measure the width and height of the room to make sure you have the appropriate lengths of curtain and rod. Besides being easy and simple to install, curtains can develop a defined space in a short period.

Additionally, curtain lightness and flexibility offer amazing height and add an aerial appearance to your room. You can try numerous variations to attain the desired look.

Sliding Doors

Whether hidden or suspended in a wall, sliding doors provide numerous possibilities for dividing a room and structuring space. Besides defining an area visually when closed off, these doors can isolate everything from sight, sound, and smell.

You can select colored, opaque, transparent, or plain doors. You’ll discover that sliding doors are ideal to match whichever décor you like.


More conventional, screen dividers are back and are perfect for dividing a room without closing it off totally. Screens can also become very tiny when folded, and are extremely convenient for studio apartments or rooms that require separation occasionally.

You can locate them in various styles ranging from standard Asian inspirations to the more modern ones.  Folding screens can also function as movable barriers. While bookshelves and other pieces of furniture make great room dividers, they are frequently difficult and heavy to move.

These screens allow you to sustain open floor plans whenever you desire them. Screens purchased from designer furniture stores can be quite costly. However, you can find affordable ones at department stores.

Sliding Panels

Another alternative to separate spaces involves the use of sliding panels. Unlike sliding doors, panels provide a less “closed” feeling and are cheaper.

Nevertheless, they share the same principle in terms of installation. They can either hang from ceilings or function within walls. The removable panels will dress up and define your apartment to suit your personal taste.

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