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6 Lifehacks to Creating More Counter Space

You might find yourself with insufficient counter space despite clearing clutter and storing everything in drawers and cupboards. Counter space is indispensable in all kitchens and having insufficient space can be very frustrating. Fortunately, these counter space lifehacks can help you gain more space without spending a lot of money or installing new counters.

1. Store tiny Appliances

You should only keep small appliances such as can openers on the counter if you use them daily. For appliances that work weekly or less, you should consider putting them in cabinets. On the other hand, those used annually must go into storage. It might surprise you how much space you’ll gain and how sleek your kitchen will appear.

2. Movable Space

If you lack counter space for your ideal kitchen island, consider a tiny cart on wheels. The mobility will permit you to shift to where you’re working and roll to the side when it’s not in use. You’ll also gain extra shelf space to store kitchen tools and appliances.

These rolling islands aren’t merely versatile. You can place and move them easily wherever you need them. Moreover, you can adapt them into whatever you need them to be-server, cutting board, or bar cart. You find that most of them comprise drawer space and lower cabinets or shelving for additional storage, making them ideal for your next gathering in your apartment.

Just make sure you store it if you don’t intend to use it year-round. Good storage places for your rolling island include laundry rooms or covered decks.

3. Over-the-sink Chopping Board

Although this concept has been in existence for some time, cooks are currently embracing it with a fresh perspective on a simple solution. Since new products exist in the market, you have choices such as an over-the-sink chopping board comprising a plastic insert that permits you to slide freshly cut food into the tray and take it where needed.

Others prefer bigger and spacious cutting boards to fit over cooktops. These boards are available in various sizes, shapes, and styles to fit any kind of sink you might have. Some even feature a collapsible strainer.

4. Capitalize on the space above the cabinets

Most of the time, you can store things that clutter the counter above wall cabinets. If you aren’t using something daily, place it above your cabinets. Place any decorative elements above the cabinets as well to maintain an attractive and spacious counter space. Depending on what you place, it might add some kitchen height, making it appear larger than it is.

5. Add Wall Shelves

People maintain items on the counters to have commonly used things in view. If you have insufficient space but still desire to maintain pantry items and plates in plain view, open shelving is ideal. Move spices, dishes, and tiny appliances off the kitchen counter to the walls to clear prep space while maintaining items where you can still view them.

6. Use windowsills for storing items

You can store things like recipe books and fresh herbs on the windowsill because they can take up considerable space on counters even if you’re not using them all the time. Allow the fresh herbs to face sun exposure while your recipe books remain stain-free and clean on your windowsill.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your kitchen size, counter space is very crucial. If you’re looking to increase counter space, consider these invaluable tips.

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