apartment herb garden

How to Start an Apartment-Friendly Herb Garden

Growing herbs is an excellent way of adding beauty to a balcony and incorporating new flavors and spices into cooking. It should be possible to grow some plants even if you reside in a small apartment.

Besides typical houseplants, certain fruits, herbs, and vegetables can flourish in an apartment garden. Just note that some plants are hardier than others and all plants have particular growing needs you should meet. Here are some tips to consider if you’re looking to begin an herb garden in your living space.

Assess the Available Space

You must select the right spot for your herb garden, which is dependent on the accessible space. In a restricted space such as a windowsill, you should probably use some pots.

If you have a rooftop or balcony, you’re better off. If you have a garden, you’ll discover the possibilities are endless.

Herb Selection

Although it’s possible to grow your garden from seeds, things will be easier if you buy starter plants from your garden center or local nursery. You’ll have an equally easier time identifying the herb. Select herbs you know will find use in your home.

For instance, if you enjoy Italian dishes, you should opt for rosemary or oregano. If you’re the type that likes salad-type dishes, you might want to try some chives and parsley.

Consider the Amount of Water

Not all herbs need the same quantity of water. Make sure you research the water requirements of the herbs you want to plant so you can water accordingly. While some will require constant moisture such as basil, others, including thyme, require well-drained soil.

Make sure you watch your herb garden on the balcony. If you notice the edges of plant leaves wilting, that’s an indication that they require additional water.

Use Recycled or Alternative Containers

If you’re starting an herb apartment indoors and want to space the plants out in different rooms, you might want to use alternative containers. For instance, you’ll find it easier to make your planters from materials you’d discard such as old bottles.

Just make sure that the herbs you select will thrive in the selected containers. The pots you select must suit your style but at the same time provide appropriate room for the growth of each herb.

Never select a container that’s less than six inches in diameter and make sure proper drainage exists to prevent standing water.

Understanding Harvesting

One of the hardest tasks of sustaining an herb garden is identifying the right time for harvesting. Remember, not all herbs are similar where harvesting is concerned. If you’re growing basil, make sure you snip leaves from the plant’s top rather than the bottom.

You can harvest plants such as mint and oregano by just snipping off the leaves from any part of the plant. For instance, you can cut chives directly to the soil if you want.

It’s important you research and identify the correct harvesting technique to maximize each plant.

Final Thoughts

Growing an herb garden in your apartment is a great way of using your living space. You’ll brighten your balcony and beautify it. You’ll also have fresh flavors for cooking. Just note that an herb garden needs money, time, and energy, so make sure you identify what you require before you start.

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