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Turn One Room into Two: 6 Ideas to Creatively Use Your Apartment Space

Apartments frequently present design challenges. A major challenge you can expect from apartment living is the lack of room partitioning. Although this might not be a challenge for some, it’s an inconvenience for most.

The idea of having one room serve as the kitchen and the living room might frustrate you. That’s where some kind of separation becomes essential. Here’s a look at some creative ways of turning one room into two.

1. Zone Creation with Rugs

Using numerous area rugs permits you to develop separate spaces in an open floor plan. This allows you to carve out a bedroom or dining space visually using different rugs. You could match two or more rugs or simply adopt different but complementary styles.

You’ll discover that rugs offer an excellent way of dividing an apartment without incorporating space-wasting barriers. They also help divide spaces while sustaining a room’s visual flow.

2. Furniture Placement

Before you purchase or install anything, examine your furniture placement to determine how you could modify it. Before you move anything, measure the furniture and experiment with different arrangements.

3. Decorative Screen

Screens can bring some character into your room while simultaneously functioning as room dividers. You can buy the screen or create one yourself. For the frame, use wood strips or a metal profile. The finish is typically cloth-made and you’ll need special loops to obtain a collapsible design.

Generally, the screen should be light so you can fold, move, or re-deploy it. This solution offers various advantages, including:

  • They come in various designs, making it possible to use them in rooms with various styles
  • You can increase their functionality by equipping them with shelves
  • You can move it from one location to another effortlessly
  • They come in various sizes and frames

4. Shelving Unit

A shelving unit, whether closed or open, is ideal for giving a room a facelift. By positioning your unit between the desired spaces, you can develop a sense of separation while maximizing the unit space for display and storage.

An open unit is a good choice if you intend to maintain a visual connection between the zones. Conversely, if you prefer closing the zones off, a closed unit can help transform each space into an independent retreat.

5. Curtains

Zoning a room with curtains gives a room additional comfort. Additionally, the budget solution doesn’t need costly repairs. As a rule, curtains serve to divide an individual workspace or the sleeping area.

You should use lasting and dense textiles along with translucent fabrics. Remember, curtains don’t need to be textile. You could opt for exotic items constituting bamboo for a unique and beautiful appearance. The advantage of curtains is that they help smooth the layout’s flaws visually.

6. Bookcases

One of the easiest ways of dividing a room in a short period is by using bookcases or organizers. You won’t just gain the benefit of dividing your room, you’ll also acquire some required storage space for all your belongings. Give your displays an eye-catching appearance by blending décor pieces with practical items.

Final Thoughts

Apartment living typically offers challenges when it comes to space. If you’re living in a one-room unit, you might be wondering how to divide the spaces. Fortunately, this guide offers creative tips to accomplish the task.

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