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What You Need To Know About Throwing A Party In Your Rented Space

Whether you reside in a house or apartment, throwing a get together for family and friends is an opportunity to enjoy a good time. However, when you live in a rental, you must remember you have neighbors.

Therefore, you must be considerate and respect those around you. Otherwise, you might obtain a noise complaint if things get too loud or worse, face an eviction notice. Thankfully, these tips will help you throw a responsible party without adverse consequences.

Damage Control

One way of implementing some preventative measures before hosting a party would be to inform some of the closest neighbors in the rental community. This is an excellent way of giving them a heads up so they aren’t taken off guard.

Moreover, it displays some form of courtesy and respect on your part. It’s also an excellent time to inform them that you’ll do everything possible to ensure things don’t get out of control.

Keep Your Neighbors Happy

The last thing you want is to deal with a disgruntled neighbor while in the middle of the party. Besides informing them beforehand, it’s probably a good idea to extend an invitation. This way, you’ll also have the opportunity to know your neighbors.

In case there’s a dedicated area for entertainment in your complex or building, it might be prudent to use these facilities, enabling you to shift the noise and potential disruption from the building’s residential part.

Keep the Noise Levels Down

This can be challenging, especially since volume is subjective. What you might consider too soft might be too loud for the neighbors. You must be especially wary of your subwoofer’s room-shaking effects.

You might be enjoying a dance floor in your rental but this is a great inconvenience for the person below your unit who’s trying to enjoy a quiet night or trying to obtain some sleep.

Actually, there’s no way around the fact that loud music could be a big nuisance for the neighbors, particularly after around 10 pm or so.

Double-check Your Rental Agreement

Before you think of throwing a party, make sure you won’t do anything that violates your rental contract. Your agreement will give you a fundamental outline of acceptable behaviors as a tenant. Once you’ve gone through the paperwork and don’t think the party is in line with the contract, you’d rather consider another venue.

Check the Level of Alcohol Consumption

If you intend to host a party that won’t get you into trouble with the management, then you’ll probably have to be wary when it comes to alcohol. Inhibition is the first thing you’ll notice when it comes to alcohol consumption. Therefore, you can expect to have a difficult time trying to keep your guests under control and prevent them from getting rowdy.

In this case, try to restrict the amount being served and concentrate on offering different activities for your guests. It’s also important you include other snacks and food because drinking alcohol on an empty stomach increases the likelihood of getting drunk faster.

Hold the Party Earlier

An all-night party might seem like the best option but keep in mind that neighbors will probably be irritated if it disrupts their sleep schedule. You’d rather schedule it earlier. Your guests will enjoy just as much and you won’t need to worry about waking the neighbors.

Final Thoughts

While a party might seem like a good idea in a rental, it might lead you into trouble if you don’t examine your contract carefully or put the right measures in place to maintain good relations with your neighbor.

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