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bull dog for apartment

The Best Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

Apartment dwellers have several dog breeds from which to choose when choosing a pet. Remember, your living space isn’t the only factor to consider because several huge breed dogs have decreased activity levels and would rather lounge around.

On the other hand, some small breeds with considerable energy are usually content with a brisk walk or indoor playtime. As a renter, you must consider your neighbors when selecting a dog breed to avoid run-ins with neighbors. Here’s a list of dog breeds for apartment dwellers.

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introducing dog to apartment

5 Tips For Introducing Your Dog To Your New Apartment

Regardless of how thrilled you are about moving into a new rental, this could be stressful for your dog. Your dog might feel uncertain about the new environment, which could lead to behavioral issues that weren’t an issue in the past.

It’s easy to involve your family in the moving process but forget the impact the new home and move will have on your dog. Remember, your pet also needs to familiarize with the new environment and find his way around the apartment. Fortunately, this guide offers tips on how to introduce your dog to a new rental.

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dog on a balcony

Got A Balcony And A Dog? Then You Need Something Like This

These days, an increasing number of people live with their dogs in apartments and flats instead of houses. Consequently, builders and property developers are continuously seeking ways to give enhanced views and access to the external world to those who don’t reside on the ground.

This means that numerous apartments will have a balcony area outdoors. This area gives renters a great opportunity to set up a mini-garden and obtain fresh air without leaving one’s home.

While a balcony can be good for your dog as well, ensure it’s safe and be willing to make appropriate changes. Here’s a list of things to consider for your pet.

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