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6 Spring Cleaning Tips to Help Spruce Up Your Living Space

Spring cleaning entails cleaning a home at the beginning of spring as the weather becomes warmer gradually. The idea behind this practice is that your living space could gain from a thorough clean after the long winter months.

Although set rules don’t exist when it comes to spring cleaning, you must go through everything as painstakingly as possible. While spring cleaning takes some hard work and can be seemingly daunting, there’s no need to worry.

Spring cleaning is significant for everybody, especially if you’re an allergy sufferer. Here’s a list of tips you want to consider if you want to spruce up your living space.

1. Organize and Declutter

A major part of spring cleaning is eliminating clutter. You can do so by adopting a systematic approach, which entails identifying problem areas, analyzing the sources of clutter; determining solutions; and implementing remedies.

You’ll need to categorize your items into four groups: store, give away, trash, or put away. Sorting can be efficient as you go through spring cleaning. Ensure you remove the clutter as soon as possible whether by organizing a yard sale or donating unwanted items.

2. Develop a Plan

While spring cleaning has benefits, it can overwhelm you depending on the extent of dirt in your home. If you find that the clutter is starting to overwhelm you, make a list or plan. You’ll want to section off each room you need to focus on while noting the amount of time and effort each room will need.

You might want to write out whatever you want to accomplish to create a mental image of the duration each activity will take. If you want to take your cleaning to another level, search online for printable checklists.

3. Use HEPA Vacuum

Vacuuming helps remove more than dust accumulation. A quality HEPA vacuum is one of the best supplies for spring cleaning. You’ll discover they catch small airborne particles that cause or exacerbate allergy symptoms. They also trap things such as allergens, pet dander, and other household particles.

If you lack a HEPA vacuum, you’ll want a vacuum comprising attachments such as dusting brushes and hoses that can work beyond floor cleaning.

Such tools make it simple to clean pillows, cobwebs, ceiling fans, and tight spaces such as behind furniture. Ensure you have a quality vacuum, so you can enjoy a clean and healthy home throughout spring.

4. Windows and Walls

It’s easy to clean the floors but forget about windows and walls. Remember, not all dust settles on other surfaces and the floor. You just need a damp towel for wiping down blinds and walls.

5. Maintain Minimum Cleaning Products

If you have to shop for new products, keep the items to a minimum. After all, myriad supplies can generate unnecessary clutter and you probably won’t require all of them.

Consider microfiber cloths and an all-purpose cleaner, which will cover most surfaces in your living space. You can buy other specialty supplies only when needed.

6. Involve Your Household

Whether you reside with your parents or roommates, you must remember that you aren’t in this alone. Therefore, other household members should take as much responsibility for cleaning. Don’t fear asking for help. You could even make the activity fun by issuing incentives or points for completing certain tasks or jobs.

Final Thoughts

Spring cleaning can take considerable work besides being seemingly overwhelming. However, you shouldn’t fear. Fortunately, these tips will come in handy as you proceed.

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