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6 Space-Saving Tips with Loft Storage

Loft conversions have incredible benefits. To begin with, they’re a great investment if you’re looking to increase value to your home.

Furthermore, a loft is the ideal way of expanding a home. After all, the attic space will typically remain unused otherwise.

However, the disadvantage of a loft is that it has a slanted roof, which can make content organization quite tricky. Fortunately, these storage tips will make your space great.

1. Fitting Things

Trying to fit conventional household furniture into a loft can frequently cause more hassle than necessary. Furthermore, you might end up sacrificing valuable space.

Instead, consider fitting furniture from the beginning and implement that into your design and planning to ensure you save as much space as possible.

Fitted furniture can use even the most awkward of spaces ingeniously while providing the choice to shape furniture to small walls and sloping ceilings if necessary.

Designing furniture specifically for your loft also enables you to use all space to its full potential, generating additional floor and storage space.

Bear in mind that fitting furniture items while all the plastering and carpentry is taking place is sensible as a money and space saving activity.

For instance, fitted wardrobes can save considerable room while offering an efficient and clean look that brings out the best of your loft. Shaping furniture can also bring consistency to a room while enabling you to use the more open areas as you wish.

2. Dormer Window Seats

Dormers are excellent for maximizing space by increasing the headroom, so think carefully before you decide to fit a radiator beneath it.

That’s fine if you wish to stand there during winter but it’s worth considering the dormer area as a newly developed space and how you would want to use it. If you don’t wish to fit a built-in window seat, consider a free-standing ottoman, which is useful for storage and seating.

3. Shelving Solutions

A major way of saving space in your loft is making use of any unusual features or shapes and shelving is one of the effective and easiest ways to do so.

It’s important to note that shelving will add an additional layer of style while simultaneously keeping it tidy. Install shelving along unusual recesses and consider how a vertical design can revamp the nooks and crannies in the room.

Awkward corners and other areas dictated by your roof’s architecture might be the perfect spot for new shelving. Therefore, keep this in mind when you find it difficult to maximize the available space.

4. Custom bathroom suites

A space-efficient bathroom is a great way of maximizing your loft space. Remember, you can have as small or big a bathroom as you wish and if you have an awkward corner, you could fit in a shower or toilet. You could also put a bath under a sloping ceiling.

Otherwise, the space may go unused. A good idea is using the area beneath a skylight because it lets considerable natural light in and makes the space feel and look bigger. If your space is extremely limited, you could fit in a wet-room, which makes great use of a corner.

5. Staircase Design

The loft’s staircase can take up considerable room if you let it. Therefore, it’s important you establish a solution that saves as much space as possible.

A spiral staircase will frequently be an excellent choice particularly for smaller properties. However, you can create a safe, stylish, and functional entrance in several ways.

6. Elevated beds

An elevated bed is the perfect way to give it and the space beneath, a stylish and modern function. For an extra chic appearance, consider clever screenings that can offer suitable privacy.

Final Thoughts

If you decide to undertake a loft conversion project, you want to ensure you’re maximizing the space by adopting some of these space-saving tips.

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