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7 Ways to Re-decorate Your Apartment Just with Accessories

You’ll be surprised at how accessories and decorative items can transform your living space. It’s no wonder that interior decorators and designers understand the effect that accessories such as rugs can have in an apartment when used prudently.

While decorative items offer an affordable means of giving your living space a fresh look, they could break your space if you aren’t careful. Here’s a look at how these accessories can decorate your rental.

1. Determine the Right Proportion

When choosing accessories for apartment decoration, you want to make sure you determine the right proportion. The last thing you want to do is choose a tiny rug and position it in a gigantic room or place a huge art piece in a small space.

Before you choose or position accessories, you want to take time to examine proportion and scale to determine what suits best in your living space. You’ll find that proportion and scale help create a comfortable apartment at no cost.

2. Flowers and Plants

Plants have increasingly become an emerging trend in homes. You can arrange plants and cluster them or spread them throughout your living space. These accessories don’t just look great. They add some color and help with air purification.

When choosing these accessories, ensure you understand the amount of light that penetrates various rooms in your apartment. This way, you’ll shop accordingly. After all, you don’t want your plants withering before you can enjoy them.

3. Vases

These accessories have a long history and are popular for displaying artificial or fresh flowers. Furthermore, they’re treasured for their ornamental and beautiful aspects. You can choose from crystal, ceramic, or glass-made vases, which make great gifts as well.

4. Lighting and Lamps

Whether it’s table lamps, floor lamps, or chandeliers, you’ll notice that lights can set the mood in your living space. In rooms where you seek a cozy feeling, consider lamps and dimmers to give your room a bright feeling.

Don’t be afraid of being creative. You can change lampshades or invest in pendant lights and chandeliers, which can transform a room completely.

5. Art

From paintings to drawings, art is a common and versatile home accessory. The best part is that you can find an art piece that suits your taste or decorating scheme. If you’re seeking modern décor, you might want to go for a bold, vibrant painting.

If you reside in a more traditional home, consider ceramic or porcelain sculpture. Another benefit of this accessory is that you can find a unique piece to make your living space and décor distinct.

It’s worth noting that the careful selection of fabrics, colors, and flooring is in itself artful. You just need a skilled eye to match the materials and decorate your apartment successfully.

6. Embrace a Blend of Textures

Consider blending textures in all rooms and understand that there’s no limit to how you can blend with textures in your apartment. Here’s where rugs and furniture come into play; they work together to develop depth and contrast.

7. Mirrors

Consider the inclusion of mirrors into your living space for a dramatic effect. You’ll discover they provide an affordable and effective means of making your apartment appear more spacious. Specifically, floor-to-ceiling mirrors can make your room appear twice as big instantly.

You might want to position the mirror across from your window to allow more natural light into your living space for a spacious look.

Final Thoughts

Apartment décor encompasses various design elements, from furniture arrangement to flooring. If you want to inject some character and personality into your living space, you might want to consider the inclusion of these accessories.

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