Is It Time To Purge Some Of Your Belongings?

Are you constantly tripping over something whenever you walk into a room in your apartment? Perhaps it’s time you purged some of your belongings.

Your apartment should be a place of enjoyment and relaxation. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case for most of us.

Clutter is one of the major sources of stress and tends to sneak up on us easily. While the purging process can be overwhelming, it’s certainly worth it.

If you’re wondering whether it’s time to purge your stuff, check this out.

Signs You Need to Purge Some Belongings

  • Your Apartment Never Seems Clean

You’ve vacuumed, swept, and polished but the apartment doesn’t feel clean. You’ll know it’s time to de-clutter when you still feel like you are living in chaos despite cleaning your living space.

When every part of your apartment is packed with items, your space will simply feel chaotic. Take some time to take inventory and clear items.

You should also consider donating some of the belongings you no longer use. Alternatively, you could sell unnecessary items.

  • Your Garage has become a Storage Unit

The garage is a place for parking your vehicles. However, people often turn it into a storage unit. It might be time to purge if you no longer feel the need to park your car in the garage.

Furthermore, if the mess inside the garage causes embarrassment, you need to get rid of some items.

  • You Own Different Storage Containers and Units

It’s okay to own the odd storage container or DVD shelf. However, if you’re purchasing new storage every other month, you must start de-cluttering.

  • You Can’t Shut Your Closets or Cabinets

If your closet or kitchen cabinet doors remain open after slamming them shut, then you probably have excess kitchen accessories or clothes.

While it’s hard to admit, it’s possible to own too many clothes. If you’re struggling to close your cabinets, then perhaps it’s time you took your old dishes to your local thrift store.

Ways to Purge Your Items

When getting rid of your belongings, various options exist. Obviously, you can throw items away, but you can donate or sell items that are still in good condition. Here are different ways to let go.

1. Selling

If you intend to sell your items, the obvious options include eBay/Craigslist. You’ll want to use the latter option for items such as furniture. Consider these other means of selling your stuff:

  • Local adverts

Some people may prefer conducting local rather than online searches. Therefore, place adverts in community magazines and newspapers.

  • Specialist publications

If you are dealing with high-end equipment in a specific niche, consider specialist publications.

2. Throw it Away

This is an easy way to get rid of unwanted items. You can do so in these ways:

  • Skip

Skips are an easy and practical means of throwing your items away besides being cost-effective. If you don’t require a full skip, you could rent one to save money.

  • Dumps

If you own a decent sized vehicle, you can take the unwanted items to the dump. If the dump has recycling facilities, make use of them.

Benefits of Purging

  • More Space

Many times, we feel as though we lack sufficient room. Consequently, our apartments feel too crowded, and we feel the need to relocate to a bigger home to fit in all our items. A simpler solution involves reducing our belongings, which will in turn reveal more space.

  • Extra time for yourself

One of the major benefits of purging is gaining extra time. You could use the time you spend maintaining and organizing unnecessary stuff for something else.

Clutter is a silent menace that builds up over the years, and while getting rid of your items can be hard, it’s worth it. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy the accompanying benefits.

For more information on whether it’s time to purge some of your belongings, contact us at Apartment Agents or leave other suggestions.