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7 Plants That Thrive In Autumn On A Balcony

When it comes to an apartment balcony, space is frequently at a premium. Nevertheless, several space-saving options exist for growing plants on your balcony. You simply need to get as many plants off the ground as possible.

Fall is an excellent time for experimenting and having fun with container gardens while enhancing your outdoor living space. Here’s a list of ideas for fall planters if you don’t know where to start.

1. Coral Bells

Coral bells or heuchera are great container plants that come in various leaf textures and colors. Some thrive in shade, full sun, or anything in between.

You’ll discover they look great on their own or you can pair them with contrasting plants or in shades of a similar color. Furthermore, they can pair with mums, gourds, and ornamental grasses.

2. Bergenias

Bergenias are excellent in fall containers once their shiny leaves become a bronzy red. You can pair it with redtwig dogwood and red pansies. You’ll discover the pansies echo the bergenia’s ultimate color while the dogwood adds complementary color, contrasting form, and height.

3. Verbena

The prolific bloomer will look good from spring into fall. Numerous verbenas are resilient down to 15 0F and flowering will continue even after the first frost.  Colors range from dark blue to pinks and purples, brilliant reds to deep.

You’ll discover they’re drought tolerant and only require an average amount of water. They also require good drainage and like most flowering annuals, you need to feed them every few weeks. Although deadheading isn’t essential for most varieties, the plant will have a better look if you cut off the bloom once they fade.

4. Pansies

Pansy plants are extremely versatile and offer a splash of color in borders, beds, window boxes, and containers. They’re available in numerous colors, including purple, white, yellow, and orange.

They thrive in a partially shaded or sunny position. Remember, they require deadheading for continuous flowering.

5. Sedum

Sedum or stonecrop is a classic plant for container gardens since that’s when it appears best. The plant blooms in late summer to early fall. It’s easy to grow and requires full sun and good drainage though most will withstand some shade.

You’ll find a wide range of sedum exists with different flowers and textures. The plant is especially a good option for an autumn container that you wish to leave out throughout winter. This is because the dried flowers can appear beautiful, particularly when covered with frost or snow.

Bear in mind that sedum is hardy to a -400F and is a perennial in zones 3-9. It’s also important to note that some sedum can get very tall, so it’s advisable to use in the back or center of a container.

6. Violas

These plants are usually smaller than pansies but produce plenty of elegant flowers for a subtle display. You can purchase upright varieties for instance Viola Sweeties, which are perfect for hanging baskets. You’ll discover that several violas frequently have a sweet fragrance.

7. Oxalis

Oxalis is elegant, easy to grow, and favors partial to full shade. It’s hardy to 150F and is an annual except in zones 8-10. It’s a mounding plant and grows 12-18 inches high, making it a suitable plant for filling out a container. It’s available in various colors including burgundy.

Final Thoughts

Autumn is an opportunity to create dramatic displays with container plants. When choosing plants, be sure to consider factors such as the choice of containers and the zone. If you’re not sure what to grow, this guide is a great starting point.

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