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5 Pets That Make Great Apartment Companions

Apartment living can at times dissuade people from pet ownership because pet keeping in an apartment can be difficult. After all, numerous apartments have regulations and rules, which bar you from maintaining specific pets.

Therefore, pet ownership might seem like a dream. Nevertheless, numerous pets can do well in small spaces as long as you meet their physical, behavioral, and environmental needs. You don’t need to wait until you own your home to get a cat, dog, or other companions.

Although it might take some research, locating an apartment-friendly pet and discovering how best to reside with them can turn your dream into a reality. Here’s a list of apartment pets to consider.

1. Dogs

While dogs can thrive in restricted spaces, selecting the appropriate breed is crucial to your success. Although numerous places have size limitations, a large dog can still thrive in an apartment if you give them their exercise needs and environmental enrichment throughout the day. The major elements you’ll need to examine include the breed’s inclination to bark and upset neighbors along with the exercise prerequisites.

2. Cats

Any cat will thrive in an apartment because they’re accustomed to small space living than dogs and are less destructive indoors. Nonetheless, you need to identify the right cat to have in an apartment. It might surprise you to know that some breeds need more space for roaming or tend to be more vocal, so seek advice regarding their temperament as well as living space prerequisites.

Some breeds worth considering include American Shorthair. The all-around and common breed is low-maintenance and enjoys unwinding on the couch.

3. Parrots

A bird can make a good apartment pet with some requirements. Numerous parrots need considerable stimulation and interaction to be content. If you’re away numerous hours daily, behavioral issues could potentially arise from loneliness and a common response would be screaming; this will probably ruin your association with neighbors.

Consider small species and non-parrots such as finches, which thrive in smaller spaces with the appropriate cage setup. If you’re a first-time bird owner, research your preferred breed to ensure you can provide their daily care, including feedings and cage cleanings.

4. Fish

An aquarium with saltwater or freshwater fish is a great option for an apartment. You don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors or thinking about exercise for your pet. Experts assert that fish help decrease stress, decrease blood pressure, and even enhance the demeanor of those with Alzheimer’s disease.

You can choose from a wide range of fish and personalize the aquarium. If you’re a beginner, popular fish include guppies. Generally, caring for an aquarium is low maintenance although you can expect increased workload with more elaborate environmental and water needs.

Ensure you research your fish options thoroughly to determine the number of water changes you’ll require and the frequency. You’ll equally need to ensure your fish are compatible.

5. Rabbits

Like dogs and cats, you can train rabbits to use the litter box. They make excellent apartment pets because of their size and preference for living in an enclosure. However, you’ll need to clean the enclosures frequently to avoid a lingering stench. These animals are usually active in the evenings and mornings, so they won’t affect your schedule. Popular breeds include Mini rex and Holland lop.

Final Thoughts

If you reside in an apartment, you’ll discover that tenancy terms ban numerous kinds of pets. You can’t maintain others because they require a yard for exercise or you have a hectic schedule. Fortunately, this list offers low-maintenance pets if you’re considering one.

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