Moving With Your Cat-The Best Balcony Cat Enclosures

It’s easy to assume your cat is safe on the balcony. After all, they constantly land on their feet. However, this isn’t entirely true.¬† They can sustain injuries or even die from falling. This is called high rise syndrome and could potentially have serious outcomes for your cat.

If you reside in a property that’s more than two stories high, perhaps you should think about cat-proofing the balcony. ¬†This doesn’t imply that the balcony is off-limits. You simply need to take a couple of precautions and practice due diligence. Here’s how to protect your cat from possible falls and injuries.

Cat Patio or Catio

Naturally, cats want to be outdoors where they can inhale fresh air and experience the sounds, stimulation, and sights of the natural world. A cat patio is an ideal solution to solve the outdoor/indoor dilemma and keep your pet safe, happy, and healthy. Their design seeks to complement your rental or home and suit your pet’s needs.

A cat patio or enclosure offers feline enrichment and safety outdoors. Whether you have an outdoor or indoor cat, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your pet is safe. They’re accessible in various sizes and designs for a porch, window, yard, or garden.

From simple and small to huge and luxurious, the enclosures can be a great addition to your living space for your family’s wellbeing. If you wish to maximize the enclosure, you can improve your pet’s environment with cat trees, scratching posts, and interactive toys. You’ll need to include some essentials such as a comfy bed and litter tray as well.

Using the Enclosure

When using the enclosure, you should secure it directly to the building to prevent high winds from carrying it. You should use metal fixings to fasten it to a balcony railing or secure it to the building. You can access suitable fixings from local stores. Alternatively, you could consult a skilled installer.

Cat Netting

Protective nets are an excellent way of keeping your pet safe while giving it some freedom. Your cat can jump, move around, or simply stay in the sun all day. You’ll need to install the net over your balcony to protect your pet against falls. It must be durable, weatherproof, and the mesh should be so tiny that even the smallest cat won’t fit through.

Screened-in Balcony

They’re excellent because they protect your cat from falls while protecting you from insects. The only drawback is that you won’t obtain as much sun. Keep in mind that screened-in balconies are somewhat darker because of the net that prevents insects from penetrating.


The easiest way of keeping your cat safe on your balcony is with a leash. If you’ve never used a leash, you’ll have to train the cat first. Depending on the cat, this will take some time. It could take a couple of weeks for the cat to accept the leash and begin walking with a harness. When training it to use the leash, it should occur indoors until your cat gets accustomed.

Final Thoughts

While balconies can be risky for cats, your pet can still enjoy time on the balcony as long as you’re ready to take measures to avoid mishaps and ensure close monitoring.

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