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6 Tips For Making Your Rental Apartment Your Own

Moving into a new rental is an opportunity to update your décor and make it feel like home. Obviously, you can expect challenges especially since you’ll be within the limitations of a lease agreement.

Nevertheless, you can make some minor changes that will permit you to personalize it without implementing permanent changes. Here’s a list of tips that will help you make your rental your own.

1. Cover Your Walls

Numerous renters fear hanging art and photos to avoid patching holes in the wall when the time comes to move out. However, an empty wall makes your place look dull.

Art helps express your style and personality. Moreover, it has a big influence on space. Hanging art is necessary for any rental. You’d rather fill some holes when moving out than never installing anything. In the event that the landlord gives you a difficult time about hammering nails into walls, consider some adhesive picture hooks.

You’ll find they’re accessible in various sizes-just ensure you obtain those that can accommodate the weight of what you are hanging.

2. Substitute Light Fixtures

One of the best ways of adding your style to space is by replacing light fixtures throughout the unit. Substitute a hideous light fixture above the bed with a chandelier or replace vanity bulbs with vintage versions.

When moving out, simply return the old fixtures and take yours. Replace the fixtures with stylish fixtures that suit your décor and taste. Just make sure you inform your landlord in case of any electrical concerns and store the old ones so you can replace them when you move out.

3. Plants

One of the easiest ways of bringing texture, color, interest, and pattern into a dull space is with interesting plants. There is a wide range of plants from which to choose so you can select those that suit your apartment.

You’ll discover that some plants flourish in any condition and the best thing about plants is that you can bring them with you wherever you go.

4. Indulge Yourself

To make your rental welcoming, consider a décor item you’ve always desired or a dream piece of furniture. Consider something new that will ease the transition to a new rental.

5. Rugs

Since your landlord will probably bar you from painting the walls, other elements can keep your rental trendy. You’ be surprised at how integrating a patterned or colorful rug will update a room instantly. However, don’t merely settle for any rug. Instead, invest in one that enhances your space and complements your existing accessories and furniture.

6. Replace the Hardware

An easy way of making a huge but subtle difference is changing a room’s hardware. This doesn’t need to be restricted to kitchen cabinets. Change outlet covers, doorknobs, and plates if the current ones are unsuitable.

While it seems minor, hardware helps set a room’s tone. Substituting something standard with something unique makes a huge difference. Just keep the old ones so you can return them when moving out.

Final Thoughts

Numerous people become complacent in rentals, believing that since their choices are restricted they can’t produce the type of home they truly want. You can still make your rental your own with these tips.

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