Tips For Making The Most Of Your Small Apartment Space

Make the most of your small apartment space

Learn how to make the most of your small apartment

Living in a small space has its challenges and benefits. While small apartments have a lot to offer, it’s easy to make them look overcrowded if you don’t pay attention to detail.

Apartment living is especially common in the cities. With a few smart décor choices and practical furniture pieces, even the smallest apartment can feel and look much bigger.

If you’re wondering how to live in your apartment, these tips will ensure you make the most of your space.

Strategic Color Use

If you understand color psychology, you’ll discover that some colors work better for certain rooms than others. For instance, you will want to avoid red bedroom walls since the effect is more energizing rather than relaxing.

Once you know more about color, you could use it to your advantage.  Irrespective of the color you select, make it monochromatic.

By integrating varied shades of the same color, you generate interest while maintaining a streamlined look thereby generating a visual impression of additional space.

Use Walls Wisely

When it comes to using mirrors or pictures, it’s imperative you position them higher on walls. This position creates the impression of higher ceilings. You should also place mirrors near rooms in order to reflect light into a room.

You should especially be selective when decorating your walls in a small apartment. Walls filled with canvases and photos can make a room feel more crowded. Instead, use a large picture rather than several smaller ones.

Develop an Entryway

Even if your apartment lacks a formal entryway, you can easily create one. It’s essential that your space sets the tone for your apartment before the entry of guests.

Remember, this is where you welcome friends and family. You should also consider integrating fresh flowers, overhead lighting, a rug, and seating.

Dramatic Lighting

Lighting is extremely crucial in every interior space. Each room must have a good balance between artificial and natural lighting. Don’t be afraid of changing the lighting simply because you live in a rental space. You can easily replace the original fixtures once you plan to move out.

Buy Appropriate Furnishings

Scale is fundamental in rooms that are either too large or small. You could consider a loveseat or two instead of the standard sofa. Capitalize on the ability of glass to merge with its environs by using it liberally in your tables and shelving.

When shopping for furniture, select pieces with onboard storage such as storage ottomans. Be choosy about your purchases and select scaled-down options.

Avoid Clutter

This is an important rule of small-space living. Don’t accumulate excess stuff because you’ll lack storage space. Only keep functional items to avoid accumulating items that merely take up space.

Go Vertical

Get creative when looking for extra storage space. There’s always considerable vertical space you could use. Therefore, invest in shelving and other solutions that capitalize on space off the ground.

Downgrade Appliances

Spaces appear smaller when cluttered with very large items. Consider purchasing smaller appliances to maximize on a smaller kitchen. Microwaves, kettles, and toasters are available in various sizes, so opt for smaller versions.

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