7 Simple Ways To Make Your Small Apartment Feel Bigger

Apartment living can at times be challenging, especially because you can’t expand the space. However, when it comes to decorating small spaces, nothing’s stopping you from making your small apartment feel and look bigger.

Fortunately, the combination of careful décor decisions and smart planning can transform your space. If you’ve run out of ideas on how to make your apartment feel bigger, check this out.

1. Declutter

You can have an airy and seamless space by adopting a minimalist approach to your apartment décor. The easiest way of achieving this is getting rid of items you barely use.

You’ll discover that maintaining an organized and clutter-free apartment generates a sense of serenity and openness.

The reality is that numerous small spaces end up feeling and looking considerably larger once you clear clutter, so give your space a thorough cleaning.

2. Accessorize Strategically

Bare walls and absent accessories don’t make your space bigger; it simply looks bare. Accessories can help set the mood, particularly wall pictures and mirrors.

Ensure you maintain accessories in scale and don’t be afraid of using a larger object sparingly. Bear in mind that focal points produce a dramatic effect, making your space feel bigger.

3. Appropriate Colors

If you’re thinking of painting your walls, consider light colors, which typically make a space look bigger while darker colors have the opposite effect since light can’t reflect.

Moreover, light hues generate an added sense of openness. For this reason, consider whites, yellows, and creams due to their light-bouncing abilities.

It’s advisable you purchase a sample of whatever color you are considering before redoing a space. Besides wall colors, stay away from wood stains or dark colors when it comes to furniture and window treatments if your rooms are small.

You should also avoid too many varied colors, which can make your space appear disorganized, jumbled, and much smaller.

4. Furniture

At times, a space appears confined, especially when you fill it with overly large tables, couches, armoires etc. You can solve this issue by choosing smaller furniture pieces or eliminating unnecessary furniture.

Alternatively, you should consider furniture, which you can store and move easily, for instance foldable or collapsible pieces. You’ll also discover that multi-functional pieces are ideal for maximizing space while functioning as storage.

During your furniture selection, consider similar-sized pieces but make sure each room has as few as possible.

5. Lighting

The more light a room has, the larger it will seem, and there’s no better light source than natural daylight. Therefore, it’s important you open your blinds and draw your curtains, creating an illusion of depth by opening views to the external world while letting the sunshine in.

This strategy can also help keep your heating bills low. If your space doesn’t have adequate overhead lighting or any overhead lighting, you may consider floor lamps to illuminate a room. When selecting lampshades, light-colored ones are preferable because they permit more light in a room.

6. Mirrors

A mirror is both decorative and functional. Furthermore, it helps create a depth illusion. Mirror placement is important, so place them across from window to allow for more light reflection. Similarly, a large mirror can make a room appear larger.

7. Windows

Uncovered windows or those with sheer coverings help brighten a room while drawing the eyes outdoors. If drapes go past the windows, whether horizontally or vertically, this gives the illusion of larger windows and room.

Living in an apartment can be frustrating because of space constraints. However, adopting these tips can transform your space while making it feel bigger.

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