How To Make The Most Of A Small Space

Space Saving Techniques

Save space with these great tips

Are you constantly tripping over your stuff owing to cramped living space?

Most individuals end up residing in a quintessential apartment or small house with insufficient storage at some point in their lives. There is no shame in residing in a small space (at times, it’s perfect). However, when you lack sufficient space and still own a lot of stuff, things could get tricky.

Living small doesn’t imply that you aren’t living well. However, it requires some planning and thought. If you’re wondering how to get the most of your tiny place, these tips will prove invaluable.

Double Duty

When dealing with limited space, furniture must serve various functions. For instance, a dresser could be a TV stand while a den could become a spare bedroom. Having furniture that converts from one item to another is an excellent way to obtain maximum value with negligible footprint.

You could also consider an ottoman for additional seating-get one that incorporates a storage compartment. Rather than have a table in the center of your kitchen, an island with considerable storage will work perfectly. Another way to deal with furniture is get it out of the way when you don’t need it.

Storage Options

Storage hacks will prove valuable when trying to maximize space. You can accommodate your stuff through various means if you’re short on closet space. Select pieces of furniture that can serve as storage.

You should also consider space helpers that hold many items in a small space. Using every inch to maximize on storage is crucial.

Create Zones

These are especially beneficial in open-plan condominiums where the major living space serves numerous functions. Using subtle signs to denote every area’s purpose helps people understand the room.

For instance, an area rug can mark a living room without wall hindrance. Alternatively, you could opt for a room divider. A partition generates the illusion of separate rooms while giving you some break within your house.


This is beneficial for whichever space, but especially vital for small space. Small spaces tend to look more hectic when you pile items on top of each other.

Avoid clutter to decrease stress and bring organization to your place. Residing in a small space is a great opportunity to examine your stuff and determine whether they are all necessary.

Think Vertically

This is one of the easiest means of creating more space. Exploit the frequently under-utilized space between the furniture tops and a room’s ceiling with high-mounted or hanging elements. These elements will typically draw your eye upward, creating the illusion of volume.


Large appliances and furniture make small spaces look awkward. Instead, choose items that will not dwarf a room. Opt for a small sofa or flat-screen TVs-particularly those that hang on walls to save space.

In the bedroom, you could forgo your bed’s headboard, which can shrink a room; instead, use the wall. Alternatively, the headboard can serve as double duty with storage and bookshelves. For the kitchen, select small-scale appliances. Numerous newer models utilize space efficiently.

Embrace Your Space

Small space doesn’t have to be non-functional. A nook beneath the stairs could become the ideal reading spot or an excellent site for a mini-office. You should also exploit your walls and use them for other functions than merely displaying framed art.

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