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Simple Decorating Tips To Make Small Apartments Seem Larger

While you might lament limited space in a small apartment, you’ll find there are benefits to small apartment living. For instance, these spaces are easier to organize, clean, and decorate. Thankfully, certain decorating tips can help make your space seem bigger.

You can decide to examine your restricted living space as a design challenge. The key to living in a small apartment is combining multifunctional and space-saving solutions while expressing your style. These tips will help you capitalize on small space living.

Use Clever Contrasts and Light Colors

Generally, light colors make rooms brighter and larger. Bright and light walls are more reflective, making your space feel airy and open. This helps capitalize on the effect generated by natural light. Conversely, dark colors tend to absorb light, making a space seem smaller.

For an optimal effect, choose soft tones such as green and blue and keep in mind that brighter rooms appear more inviting and bigger. Paint your moldings and wall trim in a lighter color than the walls. This way, the walls will seem farther back, making your space appear bigger.

Put Large-scale Art on Display

If your room or space is small and you wish to hang d├ęcor on the walls, opt for a huge art piece or a wall accent instead of having a wall of smaller pieces. If you must have a wall with smaller pieces, restrict it to one wall and display large-scale art on the other walls. It’s okay to leave some walls empty to prevent a room from feeling cluttered.

Use built-in Shelves and Furniture

You should invest in suitable shelving and built-in solutions to fit your needs and space. Custom built-ins are perfect for small spaces since you can size each furniture piece for your limited space while including one or two features that maximize the use.

For instance, a built-in sofa can offer functional storage hidden beneath. If you lack the budget for hiring a carpenter or purchasing a custom piece, get creative, and put your DIY skills into practice. When it comes to hanging shelves, position them up a wall to generate a vertical pattern. You’ll discover that a higher placement helps produce a sense of volume in a room.

Think Vertically

Another way of making your small apartment appear larger is through vertical space use rather than horizontal. This implies using available space up to the ceilings.

Most of the time, we focus our attention on the floor space. However, you’ll notice a lot of unused space on the ceiling. Consider installing storage units on the upper walls and hang hooks from the ceiling to hold pans, pots, and silverware to maximize storage.

Clever Partitioning

One way of making your apartment seem spacious is to eliminate any permanent partitions. Openness is crucial to generating an airy feel, so go for an open plan layout when possible. Wherever partitions are necessary, consider using roll-up curtains to divide the space or folding doors, which you can open fully. This way, you can have privacy when necessary, permitting your space to feel larger.

Final Thoughts

If you feel confined in your small apartment, you can change this by adopting simple tips that will help your space feel bigger. Remember, you don’t need to sacrifice style and comfort just because your apartment is small.

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