A Tiny (Indoor) Garden For Small Spaces

Numerous people bemoan the fact that they’re unable to take up gardening because they lack garden space.

However, restricted outdoor space shouldn’t prevent you from maximizing your green thumb. In fact, small space gardening has witnessed considerable growth in recent years.

From urban homesteads to rooftop gardens, people are growing various things from fruits to veggies and shrubs. If you’re wondering where to start, follow these tips.

Square foot Gardening

The idea behind this type of gardening is planting various plants in a small space. Bear in mind that you will have to invest some money in building raised beds and filling them with soil.

However, after putting in the work, you can obtain regular organic vegetables. Even if you decide not to have adopt square foot gardening, a raised garden has various benefits.

For instance, a raised garden prevents the growth of grass in your garden space, allows easy access to plants, and prevents space wastage.

Go Vertical

Going vertical saves on space and is visually pleasing to your eye. There are numerous advantages to growing vertical, for instance increased yield, improved pest management, privacy as well as ease of harvesting.

Growing plants vertically helps you decrease gardening issues such as fruit rot and leaf fungus because air will typically circulate through the plant, decreasing moisture accumulation.

You can save on water use by watering at the plant’s root where it’s required instead of wasting water by watering from above. There are various trellis mediums available for vertical gardening such as lattice and bamboo.

Consider the Balcony

A balcony has a huge impact as an extension of your indoor space and it’s vital you establish how you intend to use the balcony in relation to indoor space.

If your balcony is small, the objective is bringing the outdoors in. Small spaces need you to think efficiently and creatively, so you must have a clear idea of what you desire before starting.

Planters and Pots

There are various one-pot container gardens you can form and place on a small patio or balcony. Some of the things you require include plant seedlings, some soil, sunshine, and water.

You’ll discover strawberry pots are ideal because they feature openings around the sides for numerous plants to peep from.

Group Pots

The galvanized containers in different sizes comprise an actual veggie patch of leeks, tomatoes, and strawberries.

Grouping containers is visually appealing and helps develop a more humid plant climate, decreasing moisture loss from potting mix and leaves.

Windowsill Boxes

If you’re extremely tight on space, consider something as basic as growing lettuce in the windowsill. This allows for convenience and you’ll constantly have the beginnings of a salad.

You can begin a windowsill garden by using cuttings from your preferred outdoor and indoor plants and root them in water. If you wish, select colorful containers and place them on a windowsill for an attractive effect.

Although it’s unsuitable for some plants, rooting plants in water is the easiest method of propagation. Make sure you change the water weekly since stale water becomes cloudy, detracting from the arrangement’s attractiveness. Furthermore, bacteria may form and develop an unhealthy medium for your plants.

A large number of people crave for their personal garden, but tend to lack space. However, small space gardening is possible given the right gardening techniques and some creativity. If you’re wondering how to achieve this, simply follow these tips.

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