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4 Tips For Improving Rental Storage Space

Regardless of where your rental unit is, there’s never sufficient storage space. After all, renting comes with the task of determining storage solutions for all your items.

Beware that storing your items ineffectively could result in unsightly clutter. Nevertheless, these tips will help you maximize the space in your small apartment or rental.

1. Invest in Multifunctional furniture

When dealing with restricted rental space, every piece of furniture should count. That implies that all things in your space must serve a purpose or numerous roles. When selecting a bed, for instance, you should opt for a sofa bed or storage bed.

You’ll find storage beds helpful because they function as both a storage dresser for your clothes and a bed. Drawers are usually beneath the bed. Sofa beds can function as both a bed and a couch. These are especially beneficial if you’re living in a studio apartment where there’s tight space.

You should also consider coffee tables and ottomans that function as storage. If you intend to buy a piece of furniture for propping up your feet while watching TV, ensure it’s useful and practical. One of the best solutions for limited spaces is using a storage ottoman or coffee table that comprises drawers.

Coffee tables and storage ottomans hold various items ranging from blankets to toys, making them both stylish and functional.

2. Purge what you don’t use

A simple way of freeing up more storage space is purging any belongings you’re unlikely to use. You might be tempted to hang on to keepsakes or furniture. However, if you’re unlikely to remove them from storage for use in your rental, there’s no point storing something you no longer require.

Unless those items have sentimental value, perhaps you should consider donating or selling them to clear some space. Remember, clutter could manifest as items you wish to keep and those you don’t need any longer.

You could store those keepsakes you wish to hang on to in a storage unit for a while until you move into a bigger home. You should especially get rid of things like greeting cards and old letters.

3. Invest in baskets and bins

From clear bins to decorative baskets, having sufficient storage containers in your rental helps keep it organized and clean. Good spots for baskets and bins include closets and bedrooms. You’ll find they’re equally beneficial for storage in refrigerators, inside pantries, and cabinets. You can find the baskets and bins online, for instance, on Amazon.

4. Clothing Storage

Your clothing could easily become uncontrollable if you aren’t careful. Nevertheless, you could incorporate storage solutions. For instance, you could hang hats if you’re harboring a huge headwear collection. This could consume considerable space or pile up on the dresser.

You should use the walls by purchasing a corkboard and embellish it with sufficient plastic tacks for suspending your headgear. Alternatively, you could install pegs or nails creatively.

In case you run out of closet room or hangers, clothing piles could build up fast. To prevent this, be creative with the hanger options. A utility chain is an optimal way of keeping your clothes in one area.

Final Thoughts

Living in a small space could make storage somewhat difficult, but this doesn’t have to be the case. With a few smart tips, you could enjoy small-space living.

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