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Houston’s Best Rental Neighborhoods-Boho Districts

With a population of about 2.1 million, Houston is the 4th largest city in the U.S. and the biggest in Texas. The city’s population comprises various religious and ethnic backgrounds as well as a huge and increasing international community.

It’s home to numerous exhibits and cultural institutions, which draw over 7 million visitors yearly to the Museum District. Houston’s neighborhoods elicit a family-friendly vibe and urban charm. This combined with affordable housing is what attracts many to the Bayou City. If you’re looking to rent, here’s a list of the best neighborhoods.

Museum District

Rightfully situated between West University and Montrose, the district is home to the city’s finest museums. One of the biggest museums countrywide is the MFAH. Another museum is the CAMH, which offers a space for touring exhibits.

When it comes to culture and metropolitan art, the city is a top tier. This area appeals to empty nesters and young adults who wish to reside next to the 19 museums. The neighborhood is one of the best to purchase investment properties. You’ll find declining rental rates in the inner loop areas due to the high supply comparative to demand.

The Heights

The neighborhood is one of the first planned Texas communities comprising Craftsman homes and turn-of-the-century mansions that are currently complemented by a wave of townhomes and mid-rise apartments.

Dog lovers appreciate the neighborhood because they can afford a backyard and can access numerous running trails. You’ll find this neighborhood is one of the most charming. With homes dating back to the 1900s, you could easily forget you’re in a huge city when strolling.

You’ll find it sustains the small-town charm while concurrently evolving with the city. When it comes to the rent, you can expect to pay $1,422 on average.


This neighborhood attracts numerous new residents due to its proximity to great public transit and major employers. You’ll find an oversupply of luxury condominiums and cheap condominiums for rental investment.

Nevertheless, downtown living comprises mainly of apartments and lofts. Although somewhat costly, overwhelming opportunities can make the cost worthwhile. Whether you’re seeking a night out or a family event, downtown Houston has something for everybody.

Rice Military

The neighborhood is southwest of Memorial Park/Washington Avenue. You’ll discover it offers a great real estate opportunity for investment. You could rent to students from Rice University or those who cannot afford to reside in more desirable communities.

The community is more affordable than nearby Memorial Park. You’ll find numerous quality private schools in the area, which is ideal for investing in multi-family properties because of guaranteed demand.


This is one of the most thriving suburbs in Houston. Situated east of Highway, the master-planned community comprises “Greenbelts” and those residing in the neighborhood rave about them since they offer leisure activities.

Over the years, numerous national retailers have shifted stores thereby boosting the neighborhood’s stock. You’ll find the neighborhood is home to 4 golf courses such as the Kingwood Country Club, which comprises 26 tennis courts and several dining options.

As Houston continues to develop, so does its neighborhoods. If you’re looking to rent in Houston, this guide lists the options to consider.

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