6 Handy Home DIY Fixes Anybody Can Do!

One of the major benefits of renting is that you aren’t responsible for major repairs or substituting home appliances; the property manager is. However, repairs are bound to arise even if it is a new building.

Making occasional fixes is part of renting and even if you aren’t committed to DIY (do-it-yourself) repairs, you must be familiar with these handy fixes.

1. Fixing a Faucet Washer

This is one of the most common household fixes. Although it sounds like an insignificant issue, it actually results in wasted money that you could use for better things.

If you wish to repair a leaky faucet without involving experts, the process can be very simple depending on the faucet type.  Begin by shutting off the valve that’s usually nearby. If not, you can shut off the water to your entire home and turn it on later.

The home shut-off is frequently in a laundry room or basement. If you don’t know the kind of faucet you own, try to obtain the manufacturer’s name off the faucet or the manufacturer’s website.

2. Clogged Toilet

Although it can be inconveniencing, you’ll probably have to deal with a toilet that backs up at some point. Toilet issues are usually stressful because some urgency is usually involved. Before you start panicking, establish whether any foreign object may have entered the toilet accidentally.

One way of clearing clogs is using a closet auger or plumbing snake. Snakes are comparatively inexpensive options that are accessible at home improvement outlets.

If this doesn’t work, most plumbing stores have tools that offer stronger pressure than a normal plunger to clear clogs. Although they are more costly than plungers are, they’re less expensive than hiring a professional.

3. Fridge Maintenance

If you notice your fridge isn’t cooling appropriately, the problem probably lies with the coils. In this case, the coils are probably dirty and you should clean them to fix the issue.

To begin with, you’ll turn off your fridge and unplug it. Thereafter, you’ll want to take out the trim panel, which is typically underneath the fridge.

You can clean it with a coil brush or vacuum using a special attachment. Finally, wipe any dust with a damp cloth. This will help the fridge cool more effectively and last longer as well.

4. Air Conditioner

Make sure the screen around your air conditioner (AC) doesn’t have debris to facilitate air flow. This might not sound like it would have a huge impact.

However, the unit will stop using needless power, which will prevent the internal parts from wearing out fast. Try cleaning the screen using a wet rag to eliminate dust particles or anything that might obstruct airflow.

5. Doors

You have doors throughout the home, and although they look simple, doors require occasional repair and maintenance. From sticking to squeaks, door issues are typically minor but can be annoying. To stop squeaky hinges or doors from being noisy, try oiling them.

You’ll get the necessary products from the hardware store. WD-40 is ideal for this. However, if you lack those chemicals, you can use paraffin wax or dry hand soap. If oiling doesn’t solve the issue, consider cleaning the hinge pins.

6. Drafty Windows

This tip is useful during cooler months. At times, you’ll want to examine the window seals to prevent cold air from penetrating into your apartment. Consider buying weather strips for filling any gaps.

This doesn’t prevent the window from opening but provides a temporary solution until the property manager fixes the draft or updates the windows.

Final Thoughts

It’s important you master these repairs, which you can perform without complicated instructions or dangerous tools.

Although spending a few hours regularly on DIY repairs and maintenance may never be appealing to you, recognizing how to perform a few simple fixes will keep your expenses down.

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