How To Freshen Up Your Apartment For $ 100

How to freshen the apartment

Learn how to freshen your apartment for $100

When was the last time you freshened up your living space?

Every apartment requires some makeover occasionally. If you haven’t made any d├ęcor changes this year, perhaps it’s time you gave your space a fresh look.

Improving your apartment’s atmosphere doesn’t need costly purchases or structural changes. However, it does require some effort and creativity.

If you’re seeking ways to improve your living space without conducting major renovations, try out these tips.


Nothing can open up a space and reflect light more than the inclusion of some carefully placed mirrors. When including mirrors to your space, try installing them next to a window because they’ll reflect considerable natural light and consequently open up whichever space in your home.

Whether you opt for a huge stately mirror or several smaller ones, mirrors offer an easy and striking way to freshen your apartment.


Freshly cut flowers help brighten your space instantly, making it inviting and colorful. It’s an easy approach to introducing trendy colors, to which you don’t have to commit permanently. Consider changing them weekly to maintain a fresh look.

Wall Revamp

Although artwork could quickly become dull, a few simple changes could give your walls a fresh look regularly. You could rotate current artwork every six months or change framed pieces with a new item.

If you lack the budget for new artwork, consider using what you have. For instance, greeting cards and calendar art make excellent framed pieces.

Fresh Scent

Introduce a fresh scent by placing fragrant plants next to your exit doors or beneath opened windows. Great choices include gardenias, jasmine, and lavender. Alternatively, seek advice from a garden center.

If you lack space, you can still introduce a floral aroma with diffusers, candles, or freshly cut flowers. To save some money, look for affordable bouquets and divide them into smaller jars and vases around your apartment.


Reconsider your living room accessories and purchase new, brighter colored throw cushions and curtains. Find a color that will complete your current sofa and consider making your own pillow covers and curtains.

You can achieve a similar transformation in your bathroom with a new shower curtain and towels, or in the bedroom with new curtains, a duvet cover, and a couple of throw cushions.


A fresh coat of paint will easily transform a dull room into a classy, fun, or more sophisticated space. Select a color from a current fabric or draw inspiration from your new fabric. Before painting, ensure your landlord gives you the go-ahead.

Draw Shades

Brighten up your apartment and give it a fresh feel by drawing back heavy shades to allow more light. To maintain privacy and prevent the sun from heating up your living space, adorn the windows with sheer curtains, which can function as an alternative or complement your shades.


Brightly colored photo frames are a fun, simple, and affordable way to add style and color to your living space. A wall of well-arranged and beautifully framed photographs gives a room great personality.

Consider using various visually appealing frames in different shapes, colors, and patterns to show your prized photos.

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