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The Best Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

Apartment dwellers have several dog breeds from which to choose when choosing a pet. Remember, your living space isn’t the only factor to consider because several huge breed dogs have decreased activity levels and would rather lounge around.

On the other hand, some small breeds with considerable energy are usually content with a brisk walk or indoor playtime. As a renter, you must consider your neighbors when selecting a dog breed to avoid run-ins with neighbors. Here’s a list of dog breeds for apartment dwellers.


These dogs need grooming and brushing. Nevertheless, they’re excellent if you’re seeking independent breeds that can do just fine when left alone. While they’re very active, they cope well in restricted spaces because of their small stature.

Moreover, they love communicating, so expect them to bark. Pomeranians are also smart and can pick up on commands and tricks fast.


This breed needs minimal exercise, making it perfect for smaller living spaces. However, they need proper training. They weigh as little as 1kg and you can carry them around; this is handy for travelers.


Despite their characteristic muscled frames, these breeds have developed a reputation as loungers. When it comes to exercise, brisk strolls should be enough. You’ll also appreciate their loyal and friendly demeanor. Beware that hot climates don’t suit them.

Boston Terrier

This dog breed is one of the most adaptable and easily trainable. They’re ideal for condominiums and apartments because of their compact size (12-18 pounds). They’re also affectionate and become attached easily.

Furthermore, their minimal shedding and short coats make them perfect for indoors. You’ll discover they aren’t prone to excess barking, and even though they have high energy, they adapt well to small spaces and are content provided they obtain their daily exercise dose.

Brussels Griffon

You might dismiss this breed as simply another high-maintenance dog due to its beady eyes and 7-8 pounds. The sturdy breed is extremely affectionate and usually bonds with one person. The dog frequently needs the owner’s total attention and is one of the most intelligent and funniest apartment dog breeds.

While they’re agile, they adapt well to small living spaces. It’s worth noting that they enjoy cuddles as much as they enjoy brisk walks. Nevertheless, training is mandatory if you want to tackle relentless barking.

Bedlington Terrier

With uniquely fleecy fur, the breed stands out from other breeds. All they want is integration into the family. Keep in mind that they need longer play sessions and walks. However, you’ll have a loyal dog that sheds minimally.

French Bulldog

This breed has increasingly become popular among metropolitan millennials. However, they were popular in Paris in the 18th century. They just need a brisk walk daily to keep them sufficiently in shape. The breed rarely barks, which is a huge benefit for apartment dwellers.

Scottish Terrier

These breeds are more autonomous than other terriers but also very loyal. They’re energetic, alert, curious, and need some training to attain their full potential. Once they do so, they make perfect companions for owners who enjoy walking and playtime.

While small, they’re strong-willed and make excellent watchdogs that only bark when necessary. Although it doesn’t shed excessively, you’ll have to groom it because of its coat.

Final Thoughts

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t live with your dog. You just need to make sure you choose the right breed.

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