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7 DIY Storage Hacks for Apartment Life

Residing in a small space has its share of advantages. After all, it’s easy to clean and maintain. However, the restricted space also implies few options when it comes to storage.

If you live in an apartment, you’re probably aware that every square foot counts. Nonetheless, determining functional hacks that align with the aesthetics of your living space needs some creativity. Here’s a look at storage hacks for your apartment space.

1. Get Multi-purpose Furniture

When faced with restricted square feet, selecting multi-purpose items is crucial. For instance, consider a bed frame that also functions as a bookshelf to keep essential stuff at hand while eliminating the need for a nightstand.

You’ll also discover that many bedframes equally come with a set of drawers beneath. Keep in mind that living room furniture can go beyond offering a comfortable place for sitting or propping up your feet.

You want to invest in coffee tables comprising drawers to accommodate your mail and magazines. Storage ottomans are equally ideal for storing extra pillows and blankets. Additionally, they can function as a repurposed place for tucking away books.

2. Find alternatives for Floor Lamps

While proper lighting can help transform your apartment, you should avoid floor lamps for small spaces. Various DIY ideas can help brighten your space without using too much space.

Perhaps you should consider allowing natural lighting to penetrate your room and include numerous wall lights to make our space look and feel more substantial.

3. Maximize Closet Space

Some of the best storage hacks are all about maximizing closet space. Consider cleaning out your closet, decluttering, and installing extra shelving. Including extra box organizers can help you maximize your closet. This will keep your wardrobe looking tidy year-round.

4. Organize Drawers

These are great for storing seasonal items or guest linens that you don’t require year-round. A great way of keeping your drawers looking neat is through the use of drawer organizers.

Your small drawers might lack sufficient storage to separate all your items, but it should be possible to acquire them locally.

5. Add Hooks and Floating Shelves

Whether it’s for décor or storage, hooks and floating shelves are inventive ways of adding extra storage. You can use them to hang items like books or picture frames. You’ll find that hooks are perfect for hanging scarves and umbrellas. You could also make it colorful by including a splash of color with silver, gold, or vibrant shelving and hooks.

6. Hang Pans and Pots

Do you find that you’re limited on cabinet space? Pans and pots occupy considerable space. Consider hanging them for a trendy look and easy access.

While you’re at it, you could hang kitchen tools such as whisks and spatulas on a pegboard. This will free up extra drawer space.

7. Door Organizers

These aren’t merely for hanging coats and shoes. You can include organizers on the bathroom, closet, and bathroom doors. This way, you can hang scarves, towels, and sweaters neatly. You could even hang necklaces and phone cords to keep small things tangle-free.

Final Thoughts

Many people have become accustomed to small space living. Fortunately, numerous small space storage hacks can help keep your small apartment fashionable and efficient. With these savvy DIY tricks, you can transform your space completely.

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