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Decorating Walls With Vinyl Stickers-Jazz Up Your Rental Walls

When it comes to decorating rental walls, you can use various techniques such as vinyl stickers. You can place the decorative adhesives onto a wall directly and you’ll discover this trend helps brighten up our living space.

The advantage of producing wall artworks with stickers is that you don’t have to use them precisely as they were intended. You could personalize wall decoration by layering and cutting wall stickers. If you’re looking to transform the plain walls in your rental, consider these tips.

Identify where you wish to stick them

The advantage of vinyl decals is that they look great anywhere in a rental; they’re particularly ideal for rentals that frequently lack space. This makes them an excellent option than other alternatives, which consume considerable space.

Since various kinds exist in the market, you’ll find they’re available for any style or size of an apartment. There’s a sticker for virtually anything or anywhere, ranging from walls to mirrors. Therefore, if you intend to put them on the walls, ensure you choose the right ones.

Beware of the Different Kinds

The two kinds are:


This type is the best to use for interior decoration. You just have to take out the backing and stick it on the desired surface.

Soap and water

These are particularly resistant to unfavorable weather conditions and temperature changes. Consequently, you’ll find them outside or on surfaces where there are drastic temperature changes, for instance, in the kitchen.

Select the appropriate surface

While you can use vinyl stickers for decorating whichever surface in your rental, you must ensure you select the appropriate surface. This way, the sticker will last long. You’ll discover that smoother surfaces result in better outcomes.

Although they’re easy to put, the biggest issue you could face is the emergence of air bubbles. If they don’t vanish in a couple of days, you could pop them using a sharp object such as a pin. Ensure the wall on which you apply the sticker is smooth for great results.


When decorating with these adhesive stickers, creativity is important. Various kinds exist in the market, allowing for numerous possible combinations. Consider 3D stickers, which will help you generate a feeling of depth, resembling some kind of optical illusion.

Color Choice

Regardless of the effect you desire from the wall decals, colors play a significant role. You’ll discover they can connect with peoples’ emotions and communicate at the subconscious level.

When choosing vinyl stickers, ensure they suit your rental space. These days, numerous color combinations exist, so if you have trouble identifying the appropriate color for your space, you could request a designer for customization.

Consider the Mood

Every room exudes a different mood in your rental and your choice of the decal will have a huge effect on the space’s mood. Obtain lively and colorful stickers if you want the area to be fun and lively. However, if you want to generate a feeling of nature, consider those that feature elements of nature.

Space Size

You want to consider the space size when buying vinyl stickers for your walls. If you have an empty wall, you’ll want to buy decals that cover the entire area or you might decide to put the sticker on a specific part.

Just ensure the stickers don’t appear too small in the space. If the wall space is small and vertical, opt for thin and tall decals. If the space is horizontal, the stickers should be thin and short.

Final Thoughts

Vinyl decals can offer great benefits when decorating your rental. Just ensure they’re in harmony with other d├ęcor in your rental apartment.

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