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5 Ways to Decorate a Rental Without Causing Damage

When it comes to homeownership, it’s possible to adapt it as you wish. Whether it means remodeling, painting, or suspending decorations, you can make desired changes without worrying about their effect.

The case is entirely different when it comes to renting because restrictions exist on how to personalize a rental. Although most rentals don’t permit renters to paint or drill holes, you don’t need to settle for blank walls or a dull living space. This guide offers tips on how to decorate a rental without causing damage.

1. Curtains and Fabric

If you’re seeking temporary décor tips, you might want to reach for curtains or fabric to decorate the walls. If your bedroom window is small, you can give it the illusion of size by suspending ceiling-to-floor curtains of whichever size.

Suspending wider and taller curtains than the windows reveals a much bigger window behind the drapery. Just don’t merely suspend fabrics around windows. Instead, find the desired pattern and use curtain hooks or rods to hang the fabric to produce a focal point.

Using curtains and fabric on the walls offers a simple solution to decorating a rental without paint. Fabric is available in numerous colors as paint, but at the same time, you’ll find patterns and textures that give a customized look. As a bonus, suspending fabric on your walls can decrease the echo in empty rooms.

2. Statement Rug

If you find your carpets or flooring dull, a statement rug might come in handy. This piece of décor can transform a room’s look while keeping the floor intact. Select a rug that integrates your desired colors and patterns to reveal some of your personality.

It’s worth noting that the furniture layout and space size are the two major considerations when selecting a rug size. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a very small rug. In case you’re uncertain, go for the bigger size for a thoughtful look rather than a haphazard one.

3. Wallpaper

There are other ways of adding some color besides pillows. You can simply put wallpaper that peels off easily. You’ll find a range of damage-free wallpaper from local stores where you can choose wallpaper depending on your décor and budget.

Although accent walls are probably the best option, you can do various walls in a room if you’re ready to invest the time.

4. Folding Screens

Folding screens aren’t merely for space separation. They can function as an excellent accent against blank walls. You can use one with the desired mural or simply paint yours. You might consider a repainted folding screen to offer the ideal pop of color that’s lacking in your space.

For an added benefit, consider painting two varied colors on each side. This way, you’ll be in a position to simply flip the screen when change is necessary.

5. Mirrors

A huge mirror doesn’t just reflect light. It adds an illusion of your rental space. You’ll discover that a single mirror featuring an interesting frame can double as an art piece while a group of small, different-sized mirrors helps break a wall’s monotony.

Regardless of the number of mirrors you select, you can suspend them above a couch to give the feeling of a larger living space. Also, if you own a short dresser, you can place it above for a decorative and functional piece.

Final Thoughts

It can be quite disheartening to discover that you can’t decorate your rental to your satisfaction because of the lease agreement. After all, most property managers don’t permit renters to mount permanent fixtures or repaint.

Furthermore, many don’t permit nail holes. If you’ve just moved into a rental and are wondering how to decorate it without causing damage, check out these tips.

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