The Ultimate Decluttering List Before Moving Into Your First Apartment

Moving isn’t something to take lightly, particularly if you own a lot of possessions. Consider lightening the load and save some money through decluttering. Nevertheless, decluttering can be time-consuming and if you lack a good system, you might end up eliminating what you need and keeping those you don’t.

Decluttering will simplify your move while offering various benefits such as saving you energy and time unpacking and packing. Moreover, you won’t take clutter to your first apartment. Here’s your decluttering list before moving to your apartment.

Small Appliances

You should clean older appliances that are still functional thoroughly and donate them. However, you should toss out those that no longer work or comprise exposed or corroded wiring for safety. Ensure you dispose of unusable appliances responsibly. You could even recycle old appliances such as blenders and microwaves.

Kitchen Utensils and Tools

Kitchen utensils and tools are common items you might have accumulated over the years. To declutter, you should gather all the utensils in one area and sort them by category or type. This way, you’ll identify the number of each tool you have. It might surprise you to find out how many tongs or bottle openers you’ve accumulated.


These days, there are efficient ways of storing and accessing books with the advent of e-reader technology. Books are generally heavy to move and need numerous smaller boxes, resulting in wastage. Rather than move your entire library, consider electronic versions of books you read frequently and donate hard copies.

Donate whatever you don’t or won’t read to a local school or library. If you own special books with sentimental value, you’ll want to keep them.


If you own piles of paperwork that overwhelm you, this issue will still cause an inconvenience if you don’t handle it before moving into a new apartment. Collect all the paperwork, go through them, and eliminate as much as possible. Most people maintain paperwork since it might be beneficial one day.

Remember, most things are available online these days, so you only want to keep important paperwork. You certainly don’t require outdated bills, old invitations, or manuals for things you no longer own. This includes unread newspapers. Make sure you shred anything with your address, name, and financial details to avoid identity theft. Scanning documents could also save space and ensure you have a backup.

Bulky Items

One way of decluttering involves getting rid of bulky items and excess furniture you no longer require. Taking measurements of your new apartment is significant to prevent moving things that won’t fit.

You could try selling items online before you move. If you lack the transport to drop things at charity outlets, consider a clearance company. Don’t overvalue your belongings. The significant thing is to eliminate items you no longer need.

DVDs and CDs

It’s common to accumulate numerous entertainment items, for instance, CDs and movies over the years. With the initiation of streaming services, for instance, Netflix, it’s unnecessary to maintain huge collections of movies and music anymore. These items are some of the easiest to declutter before moving. Consider donating old media to a thrift store or library.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to move into a new apartment, you’ll want to adopt some of these decluttering techniques first.

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