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Dallas Apartment Living For Millennials

Dallas is one of the perfect places for millennials to reside in the U.S. With an excellent housing market, low rates of unemployment, and various opportunities, it’s no wonder numerous young adults call Dallas home.

The city also attracts millennials due to the upscale restaurants, deep-rooted history, and sporting events. When looking for a Dallas neighborhood, young professionals also seek unique experiences and unpredictable fun. For this reason, they find these Dallas neighborhoods appealing.

Bishop Arts District

Located in northern Oak Cliff, the Bishop Arts District has been on the rise for a number of years. You’ll find new apartments emerging to accommodate new residents in this part of town. You’ll discover a blend of the most popular art galleries, boutiques, and unique eateries, making it one of the most distinct neighborhoods in Dallas.

Although the District can be quiet throughout the week, it’s typically alive on the weekends and at night. You’ll even find a co-working space nearby for the entrepreneur millennial.


Situated north of downtown Dallas, this is the place to be. If you work downtown or simply wish to reside within close proximity, the area is excellent. You’ll also find it’s home to some popular nightlife spots such as Trophy Room, Concrete Cowboy, and other restaurants.

The neighborhood has excellent walkability, and you’ll enjoy spending time shopping at the local boutiques, jogging along Katy Trail, and catching the trolley through the city’s bustling streets. Uptown is also one of the oldest neighborhoods with plenty of admirable historical architecture.

Furthermore, some of the greatest networking events take place here and you have options when it comes to happy hour spots that allow you to relax after a long day.

Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum is thriving as new shops and restaurants emerge in the eclectic neighborhood. You’ll discover that brunch is a huge deal in the area as young professionals flock to spots for sushi and pizza.

Situated outside Downtown Dallas, the area provides a spacious lifestyle with room for exploring while being in close proximity to the downtown area. From the great artwork to the painted murals on the walls of Deep Ellum, millennials find this area appealing due to its uniqueness.

Another excellent characteristic of Deep Ellum is the various socializing spots it offers, allowing you to catch up with friends.

Lower Greenville

This is one of the underappreciated Dallas’s gems. In fact, people often overlook it in favor of areas such as Uptown. Lower Greenville is home to concert venues such as Granada Theater and independent coffee shops and restaurants in addition to featuring a tight-knit community spirit. If you’re a foodie millennial, the place is a must-stay.

You’ll discover there are apartments and condominiums galore within a walking distance of the foodie playground. With the abundance of restaurants, there’s a spot for everybody to enjoy. You can try various foodstuffs from Cajun seafood to tacos. You’ll even find a Trader Joe’s grocery in the midst of everything.

The Village

The apartments at the Village have been in existence for decades and are home to numerous young professionals. The Village has various communities and hosts running clubs, food truck rallies in addition to having ample outdoor space.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to make Dallas your home, any of these neighborhoods will meet your needs as a millennial.

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