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Best Blogs For Researching Your Apartment Living

A renter’s lifestyle centers on various aspects, ranging from apartment décor to home maintenance, apartment living, and hunting. As a result, finding the appropriate resources might be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Fortunately, this list of blogs helps make things easier for any renter, so check it out if you don’t know where to start.

Apartment Hunting Blogs


Rental-Living is especially helpful if you’re seeking an apartment in California. The blog typically ranks the top apartment options regularly.

Moreover, the blog offers some great resources on how to choose the appropriate apartment, what to purchase as a first rental gift, as well as easy D.I.Y. solutions for decorating problems.

Brick Underground

For those seeking apartments in the East Coast, especially those trying to locate an affordable NYC apartment, this is the best resource. Brick Underground provides professional guidance on everything you should know about renting in NYC. The survival guide will also give you information on buying, living, and selling in New York City.

Apartment Décor & Living Blogs

Apartment Therapy

If you’ve ever looked for tips on how to make your rental interiors more attractive, then you’ve probably visited Apartment Therapy.

The blog has carefully grouped its tips by rooms and décor styles, making it as easy as possible for you to locate pertinent advice in the wealth of ideas and resources to help you make your place more beautiful, healthy, and organized. Therefore, consider this site whenever you want to embark on any D.I.Y., décor, or home improvement project.

Fresh Home

If you’re scouting for unique interiors and beautiful apartments, Fresh Home is the best destination for décor inspiration. You’ll find various categories ranging from rooms to living to design& decorate.

Therefore, if you’re seeking excellent ideas on how to make your apartment’s interiors stand out, ensure you pay it a visit.

A Part of Life

The UDR-operated blog is full of important advice for renters, including cleaning hacks. Its goal is to connect readers to the resources that are necessary for a luxurious and blissful lifestyle.

You’ll also discover that A Part of Life provides abundant knowledge and comes across as an essential resource for every apartment dweller.

AMLI Residential

Whether you need information on pet etiquette or decluttering, this blog offers important information when it concerns resources for apartment living.

Another benefit of AMLI Residential is that they update it almost daily and you’ll find considerable advice for renters as well as local tips for several cities throughout the United States.

Alliance Living

Alliance Living remains true to its objective, offering considerable resources for renters, ranging from useful tips on how to share the bills with roommates to the plants you should have in your home, and securing your security deposit.

While the blog centers mostly on apartment tips and advice on green living, the blog also offers a wealth of food ideas.

Blogs for Home Improvement and Maintenance Tips


Morgenson seeks to answer some vital questions that renters have. For instance, it addresses the issue of renters insurance as well how to prepare your apartment before going on vacation.


The blog addresses how renters can accomplish DIY home improvement projects. Furthermore, it has sections on apartment life and apartment hunting. You’ll discover that Livelovely also offers décor ideas for rentals, so consider it if you wish to spruce up your rental.

Final Thoughts

While the internet offers a plethora of information for apartment renters, you can find it time-consuming and tiresome especially if you have a busy schedule. Fortunately, this list narrows down various blogs for different aspects of a renter’s life.

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