Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Apartments have their advantages-lower rent, frequently a closer proximity to busy downtown areas, and a cozy charm.

However, a misconception that people frequently have when decorating apartments is that the focus should be on functionality instead of design. This shouldn’t be the case.

Although apartments tend to lack space, it doesn’t mean they should lack style. Instead, everything in an apartment must play a special role in making it stylish, functional, and homely.

Furthermore, finding the appropriate balance is critically significant to developing a comfortable space. You should also note that bigger isn’t always better. Here’s a list of some of the things to avoid.

Large Chandelier

A large chandelier is a remarkable piece of furniture that might produce a great and stunning atmosphere while making the apartment look charming. However, the choice is unsuitable for a small apartment since it takes over the entire room.

It’s much better to develop a complex pattern of light using extra ceiling-fitted lamps placed around the room’s perimeter along with any natural sources of light. This helps expand the living space’s size and alters your perception of its shape.

Massive Furniture

Undoubtedly, a traditional English-style sofa can look luxurious and brighten a place up. Nevertheless, such design options turn into drawbacks in an apartment.

Instead, select contemporary and light things such as chairs made of clear plastic for the kitchen or a glass coffee table for the living room.

You should also consider convertible furniture that saves space. For instance, a fold-out bed in your children’s bedroom offers extra space for them to play throughout the day while you can spread out a table for a social occasion or fold it up when you’re busy.

Bear in mind that smaller furniture pieces is a great way of giving your apartment a bigger feel. Therefore, you may need to eliminate your sectional couch and opt for a less intrusive sofa. This will enable you to include chairs and a coffee table to the corner of the living room.

Huge Paintings and Numerous Patterns

A huge picture on the wall is an extravagant and at times worthwhile design option. However, you must use it carefully in a small living space.

It’s best you select textiles with a delicate pattern and use a monochrome color on the walls. Ensure you highlight one wall with a huge picture and purchase a light-colored sofa.

Massive Drapes

Although heavy drapes generate the appearance of an extra wall, your objective should be to enlarge the available space and achieve some lightness to your apartment’s interior.

Instead, decorate your windows with light-colored curtains, making your apartment seem brighter and lighter. This will also help expand the sense of space visually.

Tips for Styling Your Apartment

Light Fixtures

Hanging your light fixtures from the ceiling offers a distinct styling technique while giving you more table space. You should avoid a bulky lamp, so you can have additional room on the end table and prevent a cluttered look.

Instead of having a lamp in the corner of your apartment, you can opt for three lights, which will enhance your room from above. The light fixtures will allow room for creativity with your apartment’s style while adding to the brightness and room’s open feeling.

Final Thoughts

Living in a small space doesn’t imply that you must sacrifice interior design because of functionality. Instead, you must strike a balance between the two. If you wish to create a stylish and harmonious interior, these tips are a great place to start.

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