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Easy Apartment Workouts That Won’t Bother Your Neighbors

Between a hectic work schedule and crowded gyms, home workouts can easily become convenient. However, getting fit in your apartment doesn’t always imply making considerable noise. When you share a complex and common wall with numerous neighbors, you wouldn’t want your routines to trouble them. These quiet apartment workouts will help you avoid the gym trip without relinquishing your fitness goals.

Strength Training

Lifting is an excellent choice for apartment workouts since they don’t need any jumping. You can enjoy a great workout that results in muscle building and makes you sweat, with virtually no impact. You simply require a set of resistance bands or dumbbells and an elective exercise mat.

Cardio Workouts

This might seem extra challenging, but the trick is choosing low-impact cardio workouts that don’t entail jumping. This way, you can work up a sweat without inconveniencing neighbors.  Although jumping rope or running in place might provide cardio exercise indoors, both workouts typically cause some noise for those living below you.

Low impact workouts that depend on twists, squats, and kicks are considerably quieter. If you must do an apartment workout after or before work, you’ll have to maintain low noise and might want to jog or run outside.

Isometric and Body Weight Exercises

Exercises that depend on your body weight usually produce less noise compared to exercise equipment. For instance, pull-ups or crunches on a doorway bar can help build strength silently.


To warm up your body muscles, consider a plank exercise, which should take you 30-60 seconds. You simply position your palms on the surface, ensuring they’re shoulder-width apart. You’ll have to align your elbows beneath the shoulders like you’re ready to do a push-up.

Your toes should be grounded into the floor, squeeze the glutes, and focus somewhere on the floor before you. Hold for 30-60 seconds without compromising your position. If you want a challenge, keep your hands balanced on a basketball or medicine ball.

Triceps Dip

Position yourself on the couch or bed while maintaining the hands just outside the hips. Extend the elbows and press the body back up. To make this workout challenging, straighten the legs out instead of maintaining bent knees. You could also include a hold underneath the exercise.

Air Squat

Stand with your feet while keeping your hip-width apart, with the toes pointed slightly outward. Keep your arms by the sides. Bend your knees and position yourself as if you were sitting in a chair. As you bend, raise your arms in front of you keeping them parallel to the floor.

Maintain most of the weight in the heels, ensuring the knees never go beyond the toes. Lower yourself as far as you can without compromising your position. Keep your legs straightened and squeeze the glutes to rise and lower your arms back to the sides. To make this workout a challenge, pause for a second at the bottom of all squats.

Russian Twist

Sit on the surface, bend your knees, and lean back slightly without rounding the spine. Lift your feet some inches above the ground. Crossing the ankles might assist with balance. Position your arms in front of you while clasping hands together and keeping the elbows bent slightly.

From the core, rotate to the right as possible, enabling shoulders, arms, and eyes. Maintain your legs in the start position and once you’ve extended as far as possible, you can change the direction without pause and imitate the movement to your left.

You have numerous options when it comes to maintaining fitness without leaving your rental apartment. Fortunately, you don’t even have to inconvenience your neighbor with noisy workouts.

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