apartment gardening

Apartment Gardening Made Easy

Apartment living doesn’t mean you must do without plants. You’ll discover that small scale gardening can be fulfilling and enjoyable. With apartment gardening, you don’t require considerable space to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits. You simply need a pot, some sun, good soil, and water.

You’ll soon discover that indoor plants provide an excellent way of boosting your mood, enhancing air quality, and brightening up a lack-luster space. If you’re thinking of starting a garden in your apartment, here’s what you should know.

Techniques of Apartment Gardening

Tabletop Garden

This simple technique involves using raised beds in apartments whereby you plant the seedlings or plants in square foot plots. This solution is ideal if you enjoy gardening but lack the time, space, or experience.

Mason Jar Gardening

If you’re in the habit of including herbs in your kitchen routine, it’s easy to grow herbs indoors. You’ll find that most herbs are easy to grow in mason jars provided you have proper drainage and enough light. The advantage of this technique is that affordable jars offer an innate style that enhances flair to your kitchen d├ęcor.


You can use an old pallet and convert it into a pallet garden. Remove sufficient boards from the pallet’s front for the plants to have enough room for growth then use the boards to produce a firm back for the pallet garden.

Cut laminate wood into thin pieces to create a bottom for the rows of the plants. Put down a coat of landscape fabric underneath each row. Fill the rows with dirt and plant the pockets that you’ve created. Lastly, fasten the pallet to the patio’s walls with brackets or simply tilt it against the wall.


You can produce a free-standing garden using a wooden frame and old gutter. Establish how huge you want the garden and construct a wooden frame to your preferred size. Ensure you build it with a considerable base in case your garden gets heavy.

Cut old gutter to fit inside the frame and drill holes in both ends, permitting you to suspend them on a chain. Fill your gutter with dirt then plant your vegetables.

Considerations for an Apartment Garden


Vegetables require six or more hours of sunlight daily. Without the sun, your fruits won’t ripen and the plant will be under stress. Even if there are sunlight challenges, some vegetables can thrive under light shade, for instance, lettuce and broccoli.


This factor is very important. Vegetables require soil that’s rich in organic matter. Soil is significant to the development of all plants but more so with vegetables because the soil quality affects even the taste.


Vegetables need regular watering or else, they won’t fill out while some, for instance, tomatoes, will crack open if you plump them suddenly with water after being without water for some time. Remember, you can’t always depend on rain. If possible, a drip irrigation system is advantageous for a vegetable garden.

Final Thoughts

Growing a garden in an apartment might seem unfeasible, but this isn’t the case. With the right factors and techniques, you can enjoy fresh greens and herbs.

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