natural lighting in apartment

5 Ways to Make Daylighting Work for Your Houston Apartment

Good lighting is crucial to producing an inviting space, and there’s no better light than sunlight. However, it can be a major challenge if your Houston apartment doesn’t have natural light.

Whether your apartment lacks numerous windows, or you have an obstructed view from buildings and trees, exploiting natural light can imply reworking your décor.

There’s no need to live in a dark apartment that feels cramped.  If you want to make your apartment seem spacious, these tips will help brighten your living space.

1. Clear Window Space

Whether you have one or several windows, you could exploit their natural light easily by opening them. Before you make any changes, you want to make sure that all rooms are structured in a manner that permits deep light penetration.

Ideally, the entire window must be visible from any sitting or standing point in the room. You’ll want to shift any bulky furniture to the room’s darker side to prevent it from obstructing light penetration.

On the same note, make sure you only place thin or low plants on the windowsill. Just remember, the less shadow created by an item, the better.

2. Replace Solid Doors with Glass Ones

Your apartment might have huge windows but ensuring there’s natural light flow from one room to another is virtually impossible if solid doors block the light movement.

The easiest and most popular means of diverting light indoors involves substituting solid doors with transparent ones. This will create the illusion that your apartment is more open than it is because the glass’s transparency tricks you into believing that a barrier doesn’t exist between rooms. This tip is equally an easy way of using what you have in your apartment.

3. Strategic Mirror Placement

Mirrors don’t merely make an excellent décor. They offer an easy and smart way of reflecting natural light around your Houston apartment. Position a decorative mirror across the windows for a practical and stylish look.

If you have sufficient space, a full-length mirror will work best. If not, consider a mirror that complements your artwork and furniture, enabling your room to sustain a sophisticated look.

4. Light Furniture

You want to avoid dark accessories and furniture and instead opt for lighter shades wherever possible, especially if they’re obstructing light from doors and windows.

You want to pay special attention to curtains and blinds because heavy and dark window treatments can obstruct light from penetrating your living space.

5. Consider Wall Painting

Different colors and paint types will have a different interaction with the light. Typically, the black light will produce indiscriminate light absorption while white light reflects all types of light.

You’ll find that glossy finishes reflect light even more, while matte ones typically absorb more. That’s why a bright and glossy white color will brighten up the darkest apartment but might give a sterile or harsh feel.

When selecting the color, apply two paint coats to drywall and determine how it appears in the light. Before you settle on a color, you’ll observe how the chosen color interacts with your living space using some construction paper sheets. You’ll also want to choose a lighter color to make a room feel more open.

Final Thoughts

Natural light works to make a room brighter and lighter while creating the illusion of more space. If you want to maximize Houston apartment daylighting, these tips are worth adopting.

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