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double duty furniture

Great Apartment Furniture That Doubles As Storage

Residing in an apartment or condominium typically implies that space is limited and finding storage solutions is frequently a priority. Using furniture that functions as storage is a good way of maximizing space while maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.

There are numerous ways of making space appear bigger, for instance, integrating furniture with more than one role. If you’re looking to maximize space, you should consider the following double duty furniture.

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How To Create An Eclectic Living Room Space

Eclectic spaces feature various styles, periods, and it’s typically achieved through the use of texture, color, finish, and shape. Bear in mind that the style isn’t merely about arranging and displaying a random blend of things around your home.

Instead, you must follow certain rules to accomplish one of the hardest styles successfully. After all, mastering this style can be tricky, particularly when you’re attempting to merge different styles and eras.

When achieved successfully, an eclectic living space boasts considerable character with an interesting and warm appeal, so here’s how to integrate the style into your living room. Continue reading


Mid-Century Design Trends & Your New Apartment

Mid-century style is having a major resurgence in the U.S. because there’s a distinct beauty for using furniture and decors with this style.

As a result, you’ll find numerous home owners and apartment residents flocking the market to purchase mid-century items from decors to furniture.

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Apartment Furniture Ideas

How To Furnish Your Apartment By Looking Outside The Square

Converting an unfurnished space into a functional, stylish, and comfortable dwelling doesn’t have to be expensive. Furthermore, it doesn’t need to take considerable time.

Although finding the ideal furniture for your apartment can be fun, it can turn into a headache fast. However, with a bit of patience, time, and creativity, you can furnish your space inexpensively.

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5 Ways To Make Your Move To An Apartment Easier

Moving to an apartment

Make your apartment move easier with these tips

So you’ve searched the listings, located the one you prefer, and signed the paperwork. The only thing remaining is packing your stuff and moving it to your new apartment. While this sounds straightforward, it isn’t that easy.

Moving demands considerable planning, careful organization, and maybe some luck to ensure a smooth transition. Regardless of whether you’re a first time mover or a seasoned professional, the entire process can be stressful and hectic. Fortunately, these handy tips will make your move easier.

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How To Host A Memorable Party At Your Apartment

Hosting a Party

Know how to host a party at your apartment

While everybody enjoys a party, hosting one at your apartment is a different thing altogether. The secret to hosting a memorable party involves more than offering drinks and food.

Nevertheless, no apartment is too small to accommodate a memorable party. Although it might take some creativity and planning, any apartment can be the ideal place for an unforgettable party.

If you’re contemplating being a host, check out these tips.

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How To Make The Most Of A Small Space

Space Saving Techniques

Save space with these great tips

Are you constantly tripping over your stuff owing to cramped living space?

Most individuals end up residing in a quintessential apartment or small house with insufficient storage at some point in their lives. There is no shame in residing in a small space (at times, it’s perfect). However, when you lack sufficient space and still own a lot of stuff, things could get tricky.

Living small doesn’t imply that you aren’t living well. However, it requires some planning and thought. If you’re wondering how to get the most of your tiny place, these tips will prove invaluable.

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5 Furniture Hacks For Apartment Renters

Apartment Furniture

Furniture tips for apartment dwellers

Furnishing a small space needs furniture that capitalizes on space and functions in numerous ways. Small rooms need more planning compared to larger ones. However, a few good options could convert a small apartment into a relaxing space that feels spacious.

When selecting apartment furniture, there are numerous factors to consider particularly if the space is small. The furniture should be attractive and functional besides being space saving. Although attractiveness is dependent on personal taste, some styles are suitable in apartments than others.

The appropriate designs, colors, and styles create a more open and comfortable feeling. If you’re wondering what furniture to select for your apartment, check this out.

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How To Hang Artwork In Your Dallas Apartment

How To Hang Artwork

Hanging artwork is an expression of your style, but make sure to hang it right the first time. (Image: Dee Speed)

One of the trickiest situations for apartment renters is hanging artwork and photos on the walls.

Nobody wants to live in an all white space. It can make you feel like you’re in a hospital or other sterile environment.

It makes your apartment feel more like a home when you have your own photos on the wall. Or maybe you want to show off your personality by having artwork on the wall.  Continue reading

5 Storage Tips For Big And Small Apartments

Whimsical Apartment

Give your apartment a whimsical style and embrace open storage.

It doesn’t matter how much floor space you have, storage will always be a problem if you don’t have the right tools.

There’s only so much you can cram into cupboards and under the bed, and if you’re careless it won’t take long until your shelving and floor space is piled to the rafters with junk.

If you’re moving to a new apartment in Dallas TX, don’t let issues with space ruin your living experience. Follow these tips to ensure your apartment remains nice and organized. Continue reading