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Not A Green Thumb? 6 Apartment Loving Hearty Plants to Enhance Your Space

From air purification to making your living space welcoming, there are various reasons to integrate plants into your home. Regardless of your apartment’s size, easy ways exist to refresh it while giving it new life.

Apartment plants can give your space a new look whether you’re a beginner botanist or have a green thumb. Maintaining plants in an apartment can seem challenging, especially because of space limitations. However, it’s possible to try out your green thumb with these plants.

1. Pothos

Also called Devil’s ivy, this plant is one of the best for busy people. Additionally, they make the perfect addition to a room because of their air purification features. The hearty plant can help eliminate your home of toxins that can develop in rugs and carpets. The plant needs watering at least once per week and flourishes in virtually any light conditions. Keep in mind that low light might decrease the leaves’ variegation.

2. Snake Plant

These plants are some of the most tolerant. They can tolerate weeks of neglect without losing their fresh appearance and shape. You’ll discover they’re great for a novice because they can flourish in settings with low water and light. They offer added benefits including their capacity to purify the air by eliminating toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde.

3. Spider Plant

The air-cleaner thrives under low-to-bright light and makes an excellent choice for novice gardeners because it needs minimal care. You need to water them frequently, but don’t allow them to become too soggy.

It’s okay if you let the soil dry out between watering. This plant suits beginners because it droops noticeably when it requires water. This plant is ideal for your bedroom and is harmless to animals, making it ideal for pet owners.

4. Bamboo

The striking houseplant is easy to care for. It thrives under most light conditions and you simply need distilled water and pebbles. The plant, which is available in the twisted or straight variety, brings sophistication to a room without the expense and mess of cut flowers. You can display it on a plant stand or use it as a centerpiece on a table.

5. Peace Lily

If you have experience maintaining indoor plants, consider adding this one to your apartment. Keep in mind that it needs more attention than other indoor plants, so you must keep it moist without overwatering.

Moreover, you should place it in a bright but shady place. It’s worth noting that the plant’s flowers comprise pollen. Therefore, it might not be suitable for those with allergies. Besides generating oxygen, the plant eliminates benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde.

6. Aloe Vera

The beautiful plant comprises elegant flowers and long green leaves. It’s excellent for limited spaces and needs the minimal sun for survival. The plant isn’t just easy to maintain. It has healing properties as well.

You can use it to brighten your living space, heal wounds, and various skin conditions. Ensure you position the plant in a bright and sunny spot. You can benefit from the plant’s air-purification features and ability to eliminate formaldehyde.

Final Thoughts

Keeping plants in an apartment can seem hectic especially because of limited space. However, this isn’t the case. Some plants are ideal for apartments; you just need to know which ones if you’re a novice.

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