Sell it or Store it: 9 Tips for Sorting Your Things Before a Move

One way of ensuring a stress-free move is decluttering your home. Decluttering also serves as a great way of honoring the memories you made in your old place before beginning a new chapter. You might not think that your home is cluttered, but chances are you have some things you could do without.

If you’re the kind of person who has a hard time eliminating unnecessary things, it can be a stressful period as you attempt to sort through everything yourself.

Everyone is guilty of having more than what they need, but that becomes problematic when the time comes to relocate elsewhere. Here’s how to sort things before your move.

Identify the Items to Eliminate before your move

You should identify the items to declutter before moving. This way, you’ll know which items to take and those to leave when moving to a new apartment. The items you shouldn’t take with you include:

1. Worn-out or broken items

There’s no need to pay movers to move things that will soon need replacement. Such items include worn- out shoes, clothes, furniture, and broken appliances. You’ll have to eliminate the items that have served you over time but are due for replacement.

2. Shoes and clothes you’ll never use

You won’t need to carry clothes and shoes that no longer fit you or those that are outdated. It will be pointless carrying such items, which will only take up unnecessary living space.

3. Expired items

There’s no point in moving expired items, which can also be dangerous to your health. You’ll need to discard expired cosmetic products, medication, and groceries immediately.

4. Duplicate items

There’s no point in having identical items in your home that serve a similar purpose. For instance, you don’t need three toasters. You’ll need to let go of extra items to ensure a smooth move.

5. Forgotten Items

The task of inventorying your living space will most probably uncover things that you’ve long forgotten. Things stored in rooms such as basements and garages will usually end up forgotten. This is a clear indication that you don’t require them.

6. Categorize Items into Three Boxes

Beginning the decluttering process early is vital for a successful move. Nonetheless, you still need to declutter efficiently. You need to adopt a method for sorting out your items and decrease the number of items you need to move.

7. Things to Keep

As you move from one room to the next, you’ll place items that you’re sure you’re moving with to your new place.

8.Things to donate or sell

Consider gifting, selling, or donating items you won’t require again but are in a good condition. You shouldn’t discard usable items. Instead, donate or sell them.

9. Things to discard

There’s no point in including things that are beyond repair or worn out beyond usability. Just make sure you dispose of or recycle them properly.

While sorting out your items, you might come across those you aren’t sure about. If you can’t determine which box to place them in, consider setting them aside but make sure you get back to them as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

The task of moving your belongings to a new place can be stressful. You can make things easier by using various strategies to sort your items out and determine what to keep and what to discard.

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