Beginners Guide To Living In Houston

Frequently called “Space City” because it’s home to NASA, or “Bayou City” because of its proximity to Buffalo Bayou,” Houston has established itself as the most diverse American city with a booming financial growth and growing population.

It’s no surprise that the city ranks highly for millennials-a mobile generation eager to move to mix-use communities where they can work and have fun. The city has one of the biggest millennial populations nationwide, with young adults constituting 14.5% of the city’s overall population. If you’re thinking of relocating to this city, here’s what you can expect.


Among the nation’s main metropolises, the city ranks highly when it comes to affordability. You can find temporary housing at an affordable price if you’re planning to move. You’ll also find the city’s living cost is reasonable although it fluctuates depending on numerous factors.

Nevertheless, there are comparatively simple ways of making life more affordable in Houston. For instance, residing close to your workplace will not only decrease commute time but also save you some money on car repair and gas.

Opting for a rental in an up-and-coming neighborhood will be considerably cheaper than choosing a bigger single-family house in a well-established community.


Life in this city is a distinctive blend of Texas traditions and a more a contemporary city lifestyle. What makes the city an ideal living place is the things to do as well as the go-to places, several of which aren’t available in other cities. Some of the places you’ll find entertaining include:

Museum District

Although you require a vehicle for the majority of things, you won’t require a vehicle for exploring the Museum District. If you’re an enthusiast, you can walk to varied sections and explore up to 19 museums within a 12-block radius.

Noteworthy museums include Rothko Chapel and the Museum of Fine Arts. The former houses a collection by the renowned Mark Rothko while the latter has one of the biggest and best art collections in the U.S.

The Galleria

Houston’s Galleria welcomes more than 30 million visitors annually. With more than 400 restaurants and stores, there’s a lot to keep you busy for hours, including high-end shops, which aren’t available in each city.

Professional Teams

You can cheer numerous sports teams, including the Houston Rockets (NBA) and Houston Texans (NFL).

Houston Livestock Rodeo

For 20 days, you have an opportunity to enjoy Texas heritage at the Livestock rodeo.

Amazing Nightlife and Restaurant Scene

Houston is not only a melting pot for people of varied cultures but also offers a range of options when it comes to restaurants and nightlife.

Whether you’re seeking some of the best Vietnamese food or the renowned Tex Mex that blends the best Mexican and American cuisines, Houston has what you need. Moving to Houston means you’ll eat some of the finest food worldwide.

Employment Opportunities

Most individuals find employment in Houston. You’ll especially want to consider moving to the city if you specialize in the health industry. You’ll also find that the numerous Fortune 500 companies in the city provide diverse employment opportunities.

Final Thoughts

Houston has something for everyone, which is why numerous people including millennials are shifting there. If you’re still undecided about moving, this guide will convince you otherwise.