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How To Create A Move-out Checklist

As your moving day draws nearer, you might experience some anxiety since it’s a huge undertaking. Therefore, you might experience difficulty keeping track of everything you should do. Fortunately, this checklist will facilitate a smooth process.

Provide your landlord with a written notice of your plan to move

Ensure you examine your lease to identify what is required and ensure you provide a written notice at the appropriate time. Bear in mind that the notification period differs depending on the terms of the lease and can be up to a 90-day advance notice.

If your property manager or landlord is onsite, hand-deliver it and request them to sign a copy. Another good option is mailing and obtaining a return receipt for your records.

Terminate Lease Agreement

Remember to terminate the lease agreement otherwise the rental will remain in your name and you’ll still be responsible for rent payments even after moving out. The notice should be in a printable or electronic form.

Check every room

Carry out another walk through of the entire home to ensure you’ve packed every room. Check the drawers, closets, garage, and the cupboards to ensure you haven’t left anything behind.

It’s easy to forget the kitchen storage space or bathroom drawer, so check each corner and space regardless of the amount of time it takes.

Make sure you and the landlord are on the same page when it comes to pre-existing damages and the damages that occurred while you were renting. The last thing you want is to incur charges for damages you didn’t cause while renting.

Begin Cleaning

When moving out of a rental, it’s important to ensure that it’s totally spotless by the time you’ve left officially. Your landlord will want the apartment clean for new tenants. Therefore, if you leave it dirty, the landlord will probably hire a cleaning company and pay for the service using your security deposit.

Therefore, you would rather do it yourself or engage the services of a cleaning company to do it on your behalf. Refer to the checklist to verify whether you’ve covered every spot in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Make sure you scrub all the countertops and carry out a deep clean of the floor. Cleaning is necessary if you’ve been in a rental and wish to get the deposit back.

Ensure you secure the house

Depending on the time of year you’re moving, you must check every door and window to ensure your place is secure. Confirm whether you’ve locked every door and window, including the garage and basement. You can do this in combination with checking every room.

Submit your address change

Offering a change of address will eliminate or at least lessen any delay in service. Ensure the mail makes it to your new address by going online or going to the local post office.

Don’t wait to inform banks or credit card companies after the move. You’ll also want to contact the utility companies to shift services to the new address if it’s a local move.

Final Thoughts

Moving out can be a hassle whether you’re moving across the street or the next state. Beware that lack of planning could cost you financially while affecting your schedule in the weeks leading up to your moving day.

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