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Great Walking Trails In Dallas

Great cities such as Dallas are associated with great trails. Linking communities with greenways and trails is in fact a crucial element of the urban fabric. You’ll discover that trails offer various benefits while creating a healthy and sustainable community.

North Texas has some of the most stunning trails tucked away in the suburban sprawl. Whether you’re a passionate hiker or a novice who simply wants to enjoy the outdoors, Dallas offers an abundance of trails. Here’s a list of trails you need to check out.

Katy Trail

The long and popular trail will take you through numerous parts of Dallas. This trail, which is one of the most renowned in Fort Worth and Dallas, is Dallas’s hidden treasure for numerous locals. You’ll find the trail attracts crowds and numerous dog walkers, bikers, and joggers enjoying it over the weekend and in the evenings.

Some of the trail’s highlights include wildflowers throughout spring. The trail, which is 7.5 miles, begins on Houston Street and ends at Airline Road-Highland Park.

North Shore Trail

The popular trail spans 22.5 miles on the northern side of Lake Grapevine. The trail is moderately difficult but it’s worth enjoying the lake’s spectacular views. Although it’s open year-round, it closes for flooding and inclement, so make sure you examine the status of the trail before you head out, particularly during spring.

You’ll discover North Shore trail attracts hikers and mountain bikers. Be careful of the terrain, which boasts thrilling challenges. ┬áThe best times for hiking are fall and early spring because there isn’t much shade on some sections of the trail.

Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve

You’ll find Cedar Ridge trails in southwest Dallas featuring forests and escarpment that are perfect for birding. The preserve, which spans 600 acres, is scenic and features wildlife. It provides various amenities for visitors and the walking trails range from easy to hard, offering the ideal experience for any hiker. You’ll equally find picnic areas and butterfly gardens.

Trinity River Audubon Center

If you’re an avid bird watcher, you’ll enjoy Audubon Center. The nature preserve is committed to the area’s bird wildlife. This trail allows you to view the Trinity River, wetlands, and numerous forest paths. You’ll find a blend of dirt paths, paved trails, and platform trails.

If you’re seeking a distinct hiking experience near Dallas, stop by this center. This option is excellent for hikers who have a few hours to spare.

Texas Buckeye Trail

The trail’s name originates from the ‘Buckeye’ trees situated along the Trinity River. A paved trail exists but some sections of the hike will take you through a dense path. It’s an excellent trek to view local wildlife and enjoy bird watching. The Texas Buckeye trail is perfect for viewing numerous bird species and different wildlife.

Arbor Hills Nature Center

This center has something for every outdoor enthusiast. The 200-acre park is 20 miles on the northern side of downtown Dallas. You’ll find it offers an excellent escape from the busy city and has some trails that comprise wildflowers and natural wildlife.

If you want to view the different sections of the park, use the outer loop trail. You’ll find it moderately trafficked, particularly over the weekend.

Final Thoughts

While Dallas isn’t conventionally known as a hiker’s city, the metroplex features stunning, forested parks and trails for locals and visitors.

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