The Latest Trends In Townhouses

A townhouse is a home within a neighborhood development and it’s joined to adjacent houses by a mutual wall. As an owner, you become a member of the homeowner’s association upon purchasing the unit.

Furthermore, you’ll pay monthly fees to the homeowner’s association for the repair, maintenance, and upkeep of shared areas.

A townhouse is the perfect solution if you’re seeking convenience and ease of maintenance. If you’re wondering why they’ve gained popularity, here’s why.

Reasons Why People Like Townhouses

Landscaping and Maintenance

Townhome living provides the benefits of restricted responsibility and cost of upkeep for the yard and property. You’ll find that most townhouses have a small yard area, so expect minimal yardwork.

In fact, you may not require a lawn mower, depending on the landscaping you’ve chosen for your backyard area. To maintain a constantly well-manicured landscape, homeowner association charges typically maintain the front areas.

Bear in mind that you’re responsible for paying the fees. While basic maintenance and repairs are your responsibility, the unit’s design allows for the reduction of upkeep.

Common Areas

A townhome owner can access recreational facilities, pools, and gyms that are available for use by unit owners in the community.

Unit owners may also pool resources for additions to the community, for instance tennis courts. It’s important to note that every unit owner receives a proportion of ownership interest in the shared areas or features, giving them the legal right to use such areas.


With neighbors all around and on both sides, it’s hard for a trespasser or burglar to break in unnoticed. Additionally, most townhouse developments have good lighting.

Neighbors also live in close proximity, so you can notice unusual activity or noise easily. Therefore, you’ll discover protectiveness often exists between residents. You’ll also find it easier to meet new people and make friends because of the amenities within the community and physical proximity.

Townhomes in Dallas

These days, more homebuyers are opting for sustainability and convenience, making the construction of townhouses popular in Dallas. Some of the latest townhome developments in the Dallas area include:


The new development from David Weekley provides exceptional downtown living at Live Oaks without breaking the bank. You’ll find the conventional yet high-end finishes are attractive while the rooftop decks feature amazing skyline and city views.

The unique townhouse units have floor plans that offer between 1,929 and 2,008 square feet of living space. You can also enjoy spacious and open layouts at Enclave.


Situated minutes from the downtown business district in Dallas, Villas offers some of the best skyline and city views along with high-end interior finishes. The townhouse complex offers more than 2,000 sq ft of living space at Park Row.

Questions to Ask when Purchasing a Townhouse

Will I Take Care of the Insurance?

In some cases, the HOA handles a segment of the insurance while in others the owner is fully responsible. Therefore, it’s important you establish the policies and what you’ll have to do to insure your possessions in case the worst happens.

What Are the CCRs?

The CCRs or conditions, covenants, and restrictions are rules that come with residing in certain communities. If you’re considering a townhouse, you’ll certainly find some associated rules. Therefore, make sure you read the documents before signing the dotted line.

Final Thoughts

If you’re seeking a maintenance-free lifestyle without compromising comfort and luxury, perhaps you should consider investing in a townhouse, which offers several benefits. If you’re unsure of the benefits, check out this guide.

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