Tiger Woods To Design Course North Of Houston

Tiger Woods Mexico Golf Design

Tiger’s first golf course design will open in Mexico. (Image: Tiger Woods Facebook)

Tiger Woods is coming to Houston and he’s building a golf course.

The world’s best golfer has reached an agreement to design a course with Bluejack National in Montgomery, Texas.

Bluejack National will be a membership community offering championship golf along with other activities and amenities for entire families and people of all ages. 

The main 18-hole course will take inspiration from many of Woods’ favorite courses. It’s no surprise that one of those courses is Augusta National where The Masters is held each year.

For years, Augusta National maintained a single cut of grass basically allowing players to play from the fairway no matter where they hit it as long as they stayed away from the towering pine trees. It provided a unique challenge to all golfers because most are used to playing out of heavy rough after missing the fairway.

The new course will feature a single cut of grass cut at fairway level. There has been a movement recently in golf to cut down on the amount of water used and this appears to be one measure to make sure the course can use less water.

It takes less water to maintain fairways, greens and tees than it does to maintain a lush, green rough. The new course should be able to provide great fairway conditions throughout most of the course where players would find their balls while doing it using less water.

But it sounds like there will be plenty of challenges in the course so if you’re thinking of joining or if you get a chance to play you’ll still have to keep it down the middle for the best scoring opportunities.

Tiger’s Golf Course Design Career

Tiger is best known for winning PGA Tour events and majors, but he’s been trying to get involved in more course design in recent years. His efforts, however, have been met with struggle.

Tiger was attached to a course in Dubai, but the project fell through. A couple other projects have begun only to have been shut down before they got off the ground.

It does appear that the first Tiger Woods Designed course will open soon in Mexico.

Other successful golfers like Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Ben Crenshaw and others have made a living in their post-playing days by designing courses. It’s wonderful to see Tiger Woods dipping his toes into the market.

The Tiger Woods Effect

Tiger has an affect wherever he goes. He moves the needle with people. When he’s playing in a tournament, more people go to watch in person and more people watch on TV. Those numbers usually increase even more when he’s in contention, which seems to be the case just about every time he tees it up.

Having one of the first (and so far only) Tiger Woods Designed courses right in the Houston area will be wonderful for the local and state golfing communities. It will bring people in and it should result in a good membership for the Bluejack community.

Are you a golfer?

What are your thoughts on the prospects of a new course in the Houston area?