A Guide to Public Transportation In Houston

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Texas’ strongest and largest city, Houston offers various choices in public transportation. In the U.S., a growing number of people are boarding public subways, trains, and buses since the emergence of suburbs. Furthermore, people are making an essential shift to options besides a car in getting around. Although affordable, people typically compromise on convenience when using public transportation.

For some, the avoidance of hauling luggage or trying to navigate the scheduling system can be worth the extra money for a private or shared ride. Nevertheless, the city is making strides toward enhancing its public transportation though Houston is highly spread out, posing complications.  If you’re wondering how to get around Houston using public transportation, check this out.

Metro Solutions

The METRO solution offers more than a rail/bus system. The introduction of this system has brought forth a new transportation era in the city. It is a fast, safe, and convenient means of traveling between Downtown, the Museum District, and Midtown. The public system has experienced trials over time. Commuters from the suburb areas mainly use the park and ride segment of the system.

Inside the city, people would rather drive instead of using the bus. This means of transportation can be a great substitute to driving if you’re staying in a downtown hotel. With frequent service, this system helps decrease congestion in the heavily traveled regions. Future expansions that will connect more of Houston to downtown are underway.


In a city such as Houston where public transport can be tedious accompanied by increasing driving costs, shuttle service is an excellent option. The means of transport is safe, convenient, and economical. Vans can pick and drop you directly at your preferred destination.

Rental Cars

At Houston’s major airport, rental agencies are organized. Unlike other airports, these agencies are in one area. After arrival, you simply board a bus that takes you directly to the building for rentals. The automated system saves you time and offer a reservation number. Returning the vehicle is also straightforward. Every rental company shares the free service and takes you from and to your terminal. Although this option may offer convenience, mileage costs and elevated gas prices could add up rapidly.

Taxi Cabs

If you require a rapid ride on short notice especially throughout off-peak hours, this means of transport is ideal. Even though metered fares differ, every cab has a flat-zone system. The cheapest zone is still quite expensive. So, your bill could rise fast if you are not cautious. You’ll find numerous cabs in this city.

Surprisingly, a flagging culture is virtually nonexistent in the city. Therefore, waving a cab down could prove frustrating. You are better off locating a taxi stand or calling ahead to one of the numerous companies. If you are at the airport, ground transportation workers will hail you a cab. Besides increased taxi stands downtown, the fare offers an easy substitute to driving to business meetings, activities, and lunch in the downtown area.

Rental Bikes

This system permits you to checkout bikes at no cost for up to one hour. After an hour, you simply add $2 for every extra half hour. This system is ideal for those seeking an affordable method of touring the city.

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Image: Mary Sit