4 Interesting Movies Coming Out This August

The Expendables 3

Get ready to enjoy The Expendables 3, a great action movie

This summer appears to be an incredible movie season filled with highly anticipated films. The release of great movies is taking place this summer and fans can’t wait to see films such as Guardians of the Galaxy.

Every year, we recognize that some great movies will make it to theaters this season. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to distinguish between those that will fail and movies that will succeed.

At times, the best thing about massively popular films is that the anticipation of their release is nearly as exhilarating as eventually seeing them as soon as they hit the screens. Here’s a list of 4 movies to look forward to this August.

The Expendables 3

A continuation of the franchise, The Expendables 3 revolves around saving the United States President. What is striking about this trailer is that it actually shifts from selling the huge cast and in fact sells the film.

The initial two teasers sold the “all-star” cast understandably. The franchise’s greatest hook every time was the cast.

This time round, Lionsgate is selling the concept that this might in fact be a solid action movie with a real sense of scale and scope. The latest mission is a clash between high-tech expertise vs. old-school style in the most awaited battle yet.

As individuals Schwarzenegger, Ford, Stallone, and Willis may no longer be action stars. However, when combined, they are worth watching.

The movie will hit the screens on August 15.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

A prequel to Sin City (2005), this movie revolves around Dwight McCarthy and his dangerous association with the movie’s villain, Ava Lord. Fans have longed for a sequel following the successful Sin City.

The fans have had no choice but to wait for Robert Rodriguez, the director to bring it finally. The film finished principle photography in October 2012 and was ready for release in August 2013.

The director planned to release it along “Machete Kills” but experienced post-production problems and postponed the release for October 2013. At the last minute, the director couldn’t conclude the post-production, resulting in further postponement to August this year.

In spite of its setbacks, fans are anticipating the movie for its storyline and cast.

Get on Up

The upcoming biographical movie revolves around the life of James Brown, an influential singer. A combination of artistic reinvention and personal tribulation typifies the movie.

Talented Chadwick Boseman takes the lead role as the soul-singing legend. The movie gives a daring look into James Brown’s music and moves.

The movie further takes you on a journey from Brown’s impoverished background to his extraordinary rise as an influential figure in ┬áthe 20th century. The legendary soul singer influenced numerous stars including Mick Jagger, who’s the driving force behind this movie.

This movie is set for release on August 1.


An Irish drama movie directed and written by John McDonagh, Calvary revolves around a priest who must fight dark forces. The movie is a follow-up to The Guard by McDonagh.

The movie is set in a small community and demonstrates a commanding performance by the lead role, Brendan Gleeson as Father Lavelle. The movie examines contemporary Ireland with its contradictions.

The tough but impressive movie is set for release on August 1.

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Image: The Expendables 3