5 Great Spots To Get Ice Cream In Dallas This Summer


Enjoy delicious ice cream sandwiches at Coolhaus

Few treats are as enticing as ice cream especially during summer. Summer or not, most people enjoy ice cream globally and Dallas is no different. Dallas is home to numerous ice cream parlors and venues that offer sweet treats.

With the intense heat and extreme thirst, everyone is probably trying to locate the best spot for ice cream in Dallas. If like most people, you’re trying to locate the best ice cream, check out these great spots.

Pokey O’s Cookies & Ice Cream

Pokey O’s provides blue bell ice cream and gourmet cookies. This spot has gained recognition for its freshly made cookies and cream sandwiches.

They have also developed the enjoyable ice cream taco. Celebrate summer treats with this amazing deal. You have the opportunity to select from various ice cream types and develop your taco with your personal choice of toppings and ice cream.

Save for the decision paralysis that you encounter once you enter this venue, the thought of pairing one of the cookie types with one of the blue bell ice cream types will make your mouth water.

Baskin Robbins

The world’s largest ice cream chain, Baskin Robbins offers numerous choices that could overwhelm you. The chain’s top selling Pralines ‘n’ Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip continue to please millions globally.

The chain markets and develops premium ice cream and specialty desserts. The company has gained recognition for its “31 flavors” catchphrase, which lies on the notion that you can have a varied flavor each day of the month.

Since its inception, the company has developed over 1,000 flavors. From pistachio almond to lemon custard, customers are spoilt for choice.


A family-owned fast food chain, Braum’s focuses on dairy products. The chain provides various frozen products including premium and light ice cream.

Besides the quality ice cream, you can enjoy the drive-through or dine-in services. The company is among the very few that manufactures virtually all its food products.

Try out their premium chocolate and enjoy ice cream and cake in a single bite. For those who are weight-conscious, you’ll definitely enjoy frozen yogurt without sugar.

Indulge in various flavors from chocolate and vanilla to chocolate chip.


Coolhaus has distinguished itself by creating unique ice cream sandwiches, which they sell in mobile trucks. Besides innovation, the ice cream maker is dedicated to sustainability and quality.

Consequently, you get to enjoy the natural and handmade treats that originate from fresh ingredients. You will definitely enjoy the oversized ice cream sandwiches that feature inventive flavors.

They have also added a line of pre-packaged ice cream sandwiches, which provide a great treat. You will discover that the ice cream maker manages to attain almost perfect texture at their mobile trucks.

The architecturally inspired sandwiches comprise ice cream of seasonal and classic varieties packed between your preferred cookies.

Marble Slab Creamery

This store chain specializes in serving ice cream and various desserts. The company’s slogan originates from its homemade product approach.

Marble Slab Creamery develops premium ice cream from actual dairy. Be sure to try out ice cream that uses fresh ingredients, resulting in rich flavor. With the countless choices, you’ll have a difficult time choosing from the numerous flavors ranging from Amaretto to Chocolate Raspberry.

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Image: Coolhaus Ice Cream