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How To Style For An Open House

The success of an open home can depend on various things. While some factors are beyond your control, such as market conditions, others are within your control including adequate advertising and proper styling.

Bear in mind that the internet is usually the first stop for most clients seeking to purchase a house. Research also reveals that most buyers decide whether they want to purchase a home before setting foot in the home.

Therefore, beautiful images are vital if you want to obtain top dollar for your property. For this reason, it’s important you implement proper styling using these tips.

Add Color

Whether it’s a bowl of fruit or fresh flowers, this detail can bring your home to life. Flowers in particular, are a must-have when you want your home looking its best. Ensure you consider both the home’s style and its color palette before including your favorite flowers.

You’ll discover red or yellow flowers in the kitchen are good options to make your home feel bright. In the event that you decide to include fruit, opt for a uniform color instead of a mixed bowl and ensure the pieces are unblemished.

Update Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are an important aspect of any home and they make a considerable difference. They can inform you of the home’s construction and its last renovation. Consider buying some affordable contemporary fixtures or you could simply revamp the old ones if you’re on a tight budget.

Style the Coffee Table

A stack of huge-format hardcover books is a good place to start regardless of the size or shape of your coffee table. Opt for books on design or architecture and keep a pile of 3-4 books for balance. Top the books with flowers or other decorative items that function together.

Stick to a group of glass or similarly colored ceramic vases even if they’re of different designs or sizes. Sticking to one color means there’s no competition for attention. However, add sufficient interest to give a room a polished look.

Work on the Outdoors

It’s important you get the outside of your home ready before the open house. Although measures such as weeding, trimming, and tidying the garden are important, you must make the outdoor space as inviting as possible to capture the potential buyers’ interest.

If there’s garden lighting, ensure you turn it on to give your space dimension and interest. During the open day, quickly ensure that there’s no loose garbage, debris, or branches on your property.

This will go a long way in giving a first good impression. It’s also important that you give the entry way and front walkway a sweep if necessary.

Maintain Cleanliness

If prospective buyers walk into your home and find it dusty, you’ve decreased your chances of making a sale. Therefore, vacuum your carpet, remove any furniture stains, and empty the bins.

A clean home won’t merely make a potential buyer feel more comfortable, it will also open the home up and de-clutter it. Make sure you pay special attention to the bathrooms and kitchen, which tend to get dirty fast.

Final Thoughts

Preparing for an open house is very important and while various professionals can transform it to generate high returns, not everyone can afford the associated fees. Fortunately, these tips will make a big difference during inspection day.

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