Houston dog park

The Best Houston Dog Parks To Keep Your Dog Active

Getting sufficient exercise isn’t just significant for humans. It’s also important for dogs. Keeping your dogs active and healthy is easy with Houston’s local dog parks. Thankfully, you’ll find several great Houston dog parks where your pet can obtain the necessary exercise to remain happy and healthy.

You’ll find some distinct amenities, for instance, small ponds and water features while others comprise benches where owners can relax. Moreover, several comprise separate spaces for large and small breeds. If you’re looking for a park where your dog can have fun and roam, here’s a list of the top parks.

EaDog Park

This green space is one of the newest that allows your dog to run wild. The east downtown park is a local favorite, comprising two separate areas for small and huge dogs. Situated in a neighborhood environment with a stunning view of Houston’s skyline, the facility comprises pick-up bags, parking spaces, and a secure fence.

You’ll also find trees that offer sufficient shade as well as benches. Other amenities at Ea Dog Park include water fountains and a mock-fire hydrant.

Congressman Bill Archer Bark Park

If you’re seeking a huge, shady park with sufficient grass and isolated spots for large and huge breeds, Congressman Bill Archer Park is one of the best in West Houston. You’ll find that every section of the park offers sufficient seating as well as water and wash features.

You’ll equally find dog ponds, training equipment, and several obstacle courses. The park opens daily from dawn to nightfall.

Ervan Chew

This neighborhood park was the first to allow dogs to run free legally in an off-leash designated zone. Situated in the Museum District, the park is beside swimming pools, a picnic area, and boasts 9,000 sq ft of fenced-in space for all dog sizes.

Ervan Park is double gated with water stations, pick up bags, and benches situated under huge trees, offering optimal shade.

Danny Jackson Dog Park

This is one of the most popular Houston dog parks. Situated at Hwy 59 and Loop 610, Danny Jackson Park has everything your dog needs: shaded benches, two swimming pools, a double-gated entrance for security, fire hydrants, a walking path, drinking fountains, and pick-up bag stations. The park also comprises separate dog areas for larger and smaller dogs.

Westwillow Dog Park

The stunning and well-maintained park has different sections for huge and small breeds, trashcans, waste stations, and training equipment. Make sure you carry water, bowls, and an umbrella.

You’ll find enough seating areas, workout stations, stunning walking trails, and a children’s playground at Westwillow. The park opens daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and closes once the canal nearby is full.

Maxey Park

Situated in East Houston, the park comprises almost 13 acres of dedicated parkland for your dogs to roam around off-leash. The amenities at Maxey Park include your typical water fountains, a dog shower, separate spaces for large and small dogs, and shaded benches.

Meyer Dog Park

You’ll find Meyer Dog Park situated near soccer fields and playgrounds with different spots for large and small dogs. Some of the amenities here include water fountains, wash stations, and walking trails. Additionally, there are numerous seating benches and a hose for refilling the tiny wading pools.

Final Thoughts

Houston offers a wide array of dog parks with various amenities for your pet. Ensure your clothing is comfortable and light, particularly during summer. Also, take enough water to ensure you and your pets are hydrated through Houston’s heat.

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